For our next decade, we left the beach and got glammed up. Sophie Cooper lead us into the 1960s with her bold and colourful creations. Across jewellery, brooches and woodcut postcards, Sophie showed a strong personal style and accomplished craftsmanship. 

Cooper designs and cuts her wood by laser and they are hand finished in her studio. The wooden cards and printed on to plywood. She explains:

"I use a combination of digital and hand drawn techniques in my design practice all based on a love of geometric shares colour and form".

Imaginative forms, bright colours and new materials were in demand in the 60s. After a decade of cinched waists, full skirts and impeccable hair and makeup, many fashion traditions were broken in an act of rebellion, mirroring the momentous social and political changes of the decade. It was the era where no skirt was too short and no beehive too high. Designs were becoming bolder and more expressive and a desire to use different materials evolved. 

Cooper's clashing colour schemes, oversized shapes and sense of fun reflected the mood of the 1960s perfectly and the sustainable material used gave her work a green-fingered modern sensibility.