1970s - August

In August we welcome Nettie Lodge, our next featured 9 Designer. Nettie is representing the 1970s, a time close to her heart.

She explains, "The 70s was a decade that shaped me as teenager and informed me as an artist. I use storms and boats and animals as metaphors, often including text as a backdrop or subtext for the image."

Nettie has chosen to reflect this time period through a specific event in Manly's history - the Sygna Storm, a huge event that brought havoc to the coastline of the Northern Beaches.

Significant events and the iconic symbols that shaped the times are shown in Nettie's intricate designs for cards, journals and prints. Groper fish and the Manly Sea eagle both feature in her retail items. The main exhibition design, RELIC is a brand new work, a large handcrafted shipwreck washed up on sand fresh from the beach just outside the gallery.

"My work RELlC is a homage to all that was lost in the 1974 storm. I imagine boats washing ashore somewhere withe their stories embedded into the skeletons."

The 1970s often conjures up visions of colourful psychedelia, but the decade also saw an interest in the landscape and nature around us. This included the materials that were used and the subject matter represented. Land Art was especially prevalent and while Nettie's final piece is not set in the land itself, there is certain a shared sentiment and inspiration with the artists in that movement. The collection, with it's unique final design so specific to Manly itself, will delight returning locals and first time visitors alike.

Come and see RELIC and new related retail items at the Design Shop, all this month. Find the perfect gift or a treat for yourself all while supporting your local artists.

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Welcome Nettie!