The Design shop celebrates our 90 years with a brand new 9 Designers project. As part of MAG&M's 90th anniversary, nine designers have been selected to design a unique object inspired by one of our decades 1930s-2010s.

The design shop will profile one designer per month by featuring their exclusive object and displaying their supporting products for sale throughout the year.

In April, we showcase Michelle Perrett, whose elegant and intricate ceramic pieces are inspired by Margaret Preston's botanic prints of the 1930s and the flowers found in our Australian landscape. The beautiful main object, a pair of expertly crafted waratah head sculptures speak of the calm, cool and chic interiors of the decade where native floral imagery was prominent in decorative arts and furnishings. 

Michelle's work sits comfortably with our extensive collection of Australian Ceramics.

For further enquires and pricing, please contact the or 02 9976 1419.

You can follow the stories here and on our Instagram page as we move through the decades.