Congratulations to all finalists selected to exhibit in the 2024 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize, from 2 - 25 August. 

200 finalists were selected from around 680 entries across Australia, submitted in the three categories. Discover how artists and designers are responding to our environment and contributing to positive change.


Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler, Ec.Gc.017
Jacqueline Balassa, Sunshine on The Ridge #2
Steve Baldwin, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Kate Ballis, Infrabotanica Papaver Rhoeas
Pattie Beerens, The Web
Jennifer Blau, The Light Within 2
Amber Boardman, Evolution of the Campfire
Mark Booth, Terrain
Chuck Bradley, Dr. Tony Parkes AO
Andrew Buckley, Nature Will Prevail
Brigitte Bullen, Tread Lightly - Our Urban Hills
Eloise Cato, Raw Artificial LV
Erin Coates, We're Always Touching Underwater
Denise Corrigan, Council Papers Fig.1
Suzanne Davey, Plant Lesson Number 5: Survival
Donna Davis & Luke Lickfold [sound designer], Interwoven II [Interspecies Gas Exchange]
Michelle De Jong, Lands Interwoven 
Tamara Dean, Dusk Bloom
Joel Dickens, Smog
Fiona Dobrijevich, Barely Contained
Ara Dolatian, Spirit King
Kate Dorrough, Water Vessel with Ancient Text
Simone Douglas, Chronology
Susie Dureau, Dark Ecovox
Matthew Elliott, My Studio Window, Bundanon
Dongwang Fan, Ascending
Michelle Ferreira, Pebbles and Mirrors
Cathy Franzi, Coast Banksia, Middle Harbour
Leah Fraser, The Need Was Magnetic
Ariella Friend, Composition in Purple Fountain Grass Colours 
Aidan Gageler, First Light
Joanna Gambotto, Sunset & Daisies
Catherine Garrod, Gone Bush
Fiona Gavens, A Dreadful Legacy 1
Tim Georgeson & William Barton, Allegory of Red, 23
Tim Georgeson, Desert / Sun / Fire (From Chanamee, Never Die Series)
Allan Giddy, Menindee Lakes / Rain Shower, Long Reef (Two Works From 'Air on Silk' Series 1)
Genevieve Ginty, Preserving: Item 744
Lisa Gipton, Reflection #XVIIL
Marisabel Gonzalez, Painting Without a Canvas
Miguel Gonzalez, Distraccion
Kristy Gordon, Deepwater
Minna Graham, Paperbark
Terhi Hakola, Between Songs
Ross Halfacree, Paradise or Parking Lots
Emma Hicks, Untitled
Julie Hickson, Antipodes I
Tim Hixson, Fractured
Jan Howlin, Tipping Point
Lucas Ihlein and Kim Williams, Pootopia! (V.I.Poo At The Yours And Owls Festival)
Iona Julian-Walters, Oil Bird
Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello OAM, Heritage Cocoon: 3 Countries
Jane Kilham, Ghosted
Martin King, Pages From the Diary of Lost Souls
Eloise Kirk, Night Sounds 
James Lai, Rolling Hills and Plains
Birte Larsen, Upscaled
Bronte Leighton-Dore, The Strength to Hold
Micah Lihachov, Narcissus, Salvation Creek
Max Linegar, Spellbound
Nettie Lodge, Homeless
Amelia Lynch, Lamprima Latreillii
Miche Majcen, Salt Flats
Lynne Malcolm, Secret Rock Pool
Emily Medbury & Polestar, Re:Purpose Collection - Anima
Emily Medbury, Re:Purpose Collection - The Butterfly Effect
Gaspare Moscone, Aletheia
Wendy Murray, Botanical Batakari
Rehana Nathwani, Old and New
Julie Nicholson, Headland 
Melissa Nickols, The Gathering Gloom
Deanne Palmer, Restoring the Reef
Jayne Papalia, Reef Reflection
Pamela Pauline, On the Wing
Lori Pensini, Chatterbox Fortune Tellers - The Critically Endangered Edition #2
Julien Playoust, Bush Parable #1: Laughing in the Face of Decay
Katy B Plummer, The Cailleach Still Knows You, After All
Jenny Pollak, Litmus
Sallie Portnoy, Guanyin
Zorica Purlija, Among Trees
Gemma Rasdall, The Homestead
Chrystal Rimmer, Shallow, Deep, Shallow Again
Julie-Anne Rogers, Cicada 3
Anna Russell, Transmission
Fleur Schell, A Room in Our Imagination for the Kaarak
Douglas Schofield, After the Weeding of Exotics
Luke Sciberras, Early Night, Wilcannia 
Gary Shinfield, Shelter 9 A & B
Sophie Shirriff, Remains of Our Reef
Patrick Shirvington, Banksia Unseen
Remi Siciliano, Inhabiting Emulsion (Burnt Bridge Creek, 2023)
Penny Simons, Harmony
Abdullah M. I. Syed, Ripples in Saif-Ul-Maluk Lake, Kaghan Valley, Naran, Pakistan (Soft Target -Pakistan Chapter)
Debbie Symons, Melbourne Museum C27899
Bianca Tainsh, The Entanglement
Janet Tavener, Salt
Emily Ten Raa, Colonised Landscape 1: Fragments of the Northern Jarrah Forest and the Huntly Bauxite Mine (As Seen From Above And Below) 
Alex Thorby, Oscillation
Thomas Thorby-Lister, Rainwater 04
Angela Tiatia, The Dark Current
Alexander Tohidi, Motifs
Shonah Trescott & Osvaldo Budet, Dawn
Amanda Tye, Fallen Beauty
Tom Velich, Relativity
Penny Verdich, Angophoras Aglow
Gabriela Villalba, One Day at a Time
Dung-Chuan Wen, 7,000 Coffee Trees
Shona Wilson, Precious
Alex Wisser, Mine
Christopher Wright, Coal Ash Blues
Anne Zahalka, Reef Theatre with Ethel King


Michelle Ball, Illumination #01
Elliot Bastianon, Oregon Chair
Luke Batten, Arc
Henry Bland, Where Does the Knowledge Go?
Tate Boswarva, Occyan Morphosis
Daya Chadda-Harmer, Tideline
Susanna Davey, The Margaret Ensemble
Leah Fitzgerald-Quinn, Seductress
Zimmi Forest, d’Vine Creation
Joanna Fowles & Nina Smith, Travelling Hues
Bella Froebel, Superstyle Tubular Chair
Jordan Grant, Dandelion Chair
Bernardine Guy, Luxurious Soft Mohair Textured Shawl
Anni Hagberg & Michael Gittings, Thistle Chair
Fiona Hicks, Only Social Bees Make Honey' Custom Co-Op Fitting
Dennis Kalous, Carpet Seat
Myung Shin Kim, Four Seasons
Denise Lamby, Boobie Balls - Juggling the Complexities of Life
Denise Lamby, Daily Bling
Orlando Luminere, Trash Cam #2 - Konsumeristic Kaleidoscope
Forough Najarbehbahani, Harmonious Illumination
Josafina Paddison, Serpent Harbour Lamp
Susan Peacock & Christine Sadler, Belgoola (Swirling Waters)
Luke Phillips & Don William Bingemer, Marry a Feminist
Jiaying Qian, Modina: Co-Designing with Slime Mold and Spirulina Through Speculative Wearable Bio-Facture
Tanya Reinli & Tara Lyubicic, Standing Flowers
Nila Rezaei & Christopher Krainer (RK Collective), Crafted Liberation
Megan Robert, Walking Woven Together
Amelia Ruggiero, Woven Form: Tissues and More
Penny Simons, Woven Tissue Paper Light
Kerrie Stewart, Tenacity
Kate V M Sylvester, T-Shirt Gown
Harry Vasey, Mitala

Young 7-12 years

Sienna Braun, Lost Land
Amy Byrnes, Frog
Austin Cao, The Polluted Paradise
Zixi Candice Chen, Transition of Nature
Isabel Gao, Wild Guardian
Ivo Gray, Octopus
Antony Huang, The Long-Beaked Echidna
Alfred Jin, The Woylie
Hugo Luo, Orange-Bellied Parrot
Isabelle Mann, Two Australian Smelts
Rosabella Ng, Smoky City Escape
Sophie Poulier, Creatures of Cabbage Tree Bay
Portia Pringle, Reborn
Dallas Pumpa-Jones, Valerie Taylor and The Grey Nurse Shark 
Jiaxuan Qu, The Flying Octopus
Theodore Saldan, Tree of Life 
Sophie Smart, Natural Habitats
Renee Tan, Hive City
Ella Wang, A Summer in Rural Australia
Sophia Wang, Hooded Robin
Isabella Wang, Star Gazing
Wendy Wei, 50 Cent Flower (Rhizanthella Gardneri), Pheidole Ant
Olivia Wong, Nature’s Nurturer
Brandon Xu, The Changing World
Mia Xu, Sugar Gliders
Stanley Yang, Emerald Harmony: Green Spotted Frogs in Their Natural Habitat
Leyi Zhang, Whimpering Whale
Jeremy Zhang, A Magical Jungle
Amber Zhao, Ocean Cry

Young 13-18 years

Amber Barkhordarian, Sea Turtle
Kiana Carty, Moeang Unit
Halyn Chen, Nature's Illusion 
Arabella Czerwenka, Unknown Future
Alex Gastineau-Hills, Methods 
Jasper Hartmann, A Different War
Merrily Hone, Coal Loader 
Sierra Knights, Always Spotted but Rarely Seen
Ching Ka Janelle Lin, Are We Fishing Fish, or Fishing Rubbish?
Amadea Luong, Currents of Conscious
Annette Luu, On the River
Nicolas Marx, Ignite the Imagination! 
Zoe Maryska, Silenced in Vines
Cohen Mclean, Protesting the Mermaid
Elizabeth Moodey, Morning Chaos
Anna Morrison, Whispers of Wattle
Meera Nirmalendran, The Future is Yours - Which Do You Choose?
Meera Nirmalendran, Coral Crisis
Claudia Padman, The Salvaging
Taicia Pochueva, Decaying Connection
Alana Richmond, Eyes Wide Open
Neha Robert, Weaving Together Winter 
Meilin Shi, Embrace
Lucy Wang, Thrive and Dive
Zoe Woods, Singed Serenity
Isabella Wu, We
Skye Yu, A Smear of Crimson

Finalists will exhibit their work from Fri 2 to Sun 25 August across the Northern Beaches at:

Prize winners will be announced on Thursday 1 August at 6.30pm at Manly Art Gallery & Museum.