This is to find somebody who has been buried or has a memorial at Manly Cemetery. Please note our cemetery map is currently being updated, so the burial location won’t be displayed. You can search the old burial registers or contact Cemetery Admin to obtain more information.

Tips For Finding Who You’re Looking For

For the search above, it is better to enter a surname or part surname rather than a full name.  The names originally recorded in the burial registers have been transcribed from handwritten records and some errors may exist.

The Roman Catholic and general sections include more information than the Church of England section. 

List of Names

A list of all people buried in Manly Cemetery can be found in all names by surname register.  Links to other registers organised by denomination are provided below.

Church of England

Find the location of people buried in the Church of England section of the cemetery. 

Roman Catholic

Find the location of people buried in the Roman Catholic section of the Cemetery.

Mixed Denominations

The mixed denomination section is divided into three parts, you’ll be able to find who you are looking for in one of these sections

Cemetery Map

Find your way around with the Manly Cemetery Plan.

Cemetery Plots

The maps below will help you find the plot you’re looking for and let you know if a headstone exists for the site.

If you would like help with your search or cannot find the person you are looking for and you are certain they are at Manly Cemetery, please contact Council's Customer Service on 1300 434 434.