The Columbarium walls are beautifully designed memorials for your final tribute, located in the Garden of Remembrance at the historic Manly Cemetery.

The Garden of Rememberance Columbarium is set out with four walls and two columns making up the semi-circular  design of the memorial. Within each wall or column there are a number of single-sized or double-sized niches for the interment of cremation ash remains. All niches in the wall have been pre-sold.

New Manly Granite Columbarium Wall 

A new columbarium, gardens and signage have been delivered at Manly Cemetery. The project was made possible thanks to funding from the NSW Government Crown Reserves Improvement Fund.  

Within each wall there are up to 80 single-sized niches for the interment of cremation ash remains

Niches in the new walls are now available 


What is the cost and how will I let Council know of my preferences?

Form 4175 Perpetual Right of interment Application – Manly Columbarium , allows you to nominate your preferred position in the wall, outlook and number of sites required  In addition you can nominate a niche number and cemetery staff will try to accommodate if availability allows.


Position on the wall

Price (inc GST)*


rows 1 & 2



rows 3 & 4



Row 5


*Price does not include supply of memorial plaque and placement of ash remains

Preferred Outlook

•East facing (overlooking the playground area),

•West facing (overlooking the Cemetery),

•No Preference

Number of sites required - You can purchase up to two sites per person. If requested Council will attempt to group multiple applications from family members together.

I have a loved one who has already passed and would like to inter their ashes once I’ve purchased a niche, what is that process?

Once a niche has been allocated to you, please complete the application for placement of ash remains form and send through to cemeteries@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au

Can we have two (2) sites with a double plaque?

The Wall will only accommodate single plaques so no double plaques will be permitted.

How many sites are there?

352 Niches in total:  Premium 144, Superior 144, Standard 64

Why were only 2 walls built?

Although we have DA approval for four (4) walls only two (2) have been constructed in this 1st stage. Stage 2 will be reassessed depending on need and funding ability.


If you wish to organise to inter ash remains in a reserved niche in the Columbarium, please complete a Placement of Ash Remains form

Memorial bronze plaques are made to order with a range of sizes:

  • Single-sized niche in wall or column with eight line inscription
  • Double-sized niche in wall with eight line inscription