Memorial sites are available in Manly Cemetery’s Columbarium Wall. Burials are permitted in reserved plots provided ownership of the site can be established. Information about memorial options and applying for burial in a reserved plot are outlined on this page.


Manly Cemetery offers memorialisation for family members who for whatever reason, have not chosen burial. They may have been cremated, had their ashes scattered or dedicated their body to science.

Garden of Remembrance

A Garden of Remembrance is the site of the Cemetery’s Columbarium. The Columbarium is a beautifully designed memorial for your final tribute. Niches are available for the placement of cremated ashes along with a solid bronze memorial plaque.

The Columbarium

The Columbarium comprises four walls and two columns. Both sides of the wall are used for niches. Single and double sized niches are available. Bronze memorial plaques are made to order and placed on the niche to honour your loved family members and friends.


New burial plots at Manly Cemetery are no longer available as the land originally allocated for burial is full. If your family has a reserved plot and you’d like to arrange a burial, contact Northern Beaches Council via email or Cemetery Admin on 9970 1341.