Manly Cemetery offers memorialisation in existing graves for interment rights holders and their beneficiaries - subject to approval by Council.

The Garden of Remembrance Columbarium

The Columbarium is a beautifully designed memorial wall for the placement of cremated ashes along with a solid bronze memorial plaque.The original Columbarium comprises four walls and two columns. All niches are now sold in these existing walls and columns.

The New Manly Granite Columbarium

A new columbarium, gardens and signage have been delivered at Manly Cemetery. The project was made possible thanks to funding from the NSW Government Crown Reserves Improvement Fund. The Granite walls are on the eastern side of the cemetery near the existing "Garden of Remembrance" memorial wall. 

The niches in the new wall will be released for sale to the public in Spetember 2023. 


New burial sites at Manly Cemetery are no longer available as the land originally allocated for burial is full. However burials in pre-owned graves are possible although not a common occurrence and in some cases extensive planning may be required to facilitate the burial. The cemetery was laid out in a time before machinery was available and in some areas access to the grave is extremely limited and may be restricted due to monumental work on and around the site. 

We recommend that you get in touch well in advance (if possible) so that we can arrange a site visit and being planning the necessary equipment and staff as required. In some cases you may also need to provide legal documents to prove your entitlement to use the grave. If your family has a grave and you want to explore options for burial, please contact Cemetery Admin on 1300 434 434.