If you are looking for a deceased person who was laid to rest in the Cemetery you can use our search tool.

    Burial options

    If you would like to organise a burial or memorial in Mona Vale Cemetery, there are several options available.


    Cemetery history

    Mona Vale Cemetery has been a special and sacred place for families of Sydney’s Northern Beaches since 1905.


    Contact Mona Vale Cemetery

    There are many ways you can contact the Mona Vale Cemetery for information or assistance when someone has passed away.


    Deceased search

    If you are looking to find somebody who has been buried or who has a memorial at Mona Vale Cemetery...


    Fees and forms

    If you’d like to apply for any of our services and understand the costs associated, this page will help you.


    Public notice - Revocation of unused graves

    Council gives notice of the possible revocation of interment rights in Mona Vale Cemetery issued prior to 1 January 1970.