When a development application (DA) is large, complex, or has regional or other special significance it is referred to a Determination Panel for a decision. Find out about the Panels that operate in the Northern Beaches.

Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel (NBLPP)

The Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel (NBLPP) will assess all relevant development applications within the Northern Beaches Council area. This panel replaced the NBIAP on 1 March 2018.

Development Determination Panel (DDP)

The Development Determination Panel (DDP) is an internal Northern Beaches Council body that has delegated authority to make decisions (known as determinations) on DAs and other related applications of local significance.

Sydney North Planning Panel (SNPP)

If the capital investment value of a DA is over $30 million and/or it has regional significance it will be referred by Council to the Sydney North Planning Panel for determination at a public meeting. At the meeting, the panel will consider the DA and hear from stakeholders and members of the public. After hearing submissions, the panel may make a decision about the DA or recommend another course of action.