Northern Beaches Council operates and manages 2 nurseries with the assistance of community volunteers. 

The original nursery is based at Manly Dam and was launched following an appeal from local community members to build a place where volunteers could propagate and grow native plants for local bushland reserves, parks and event days. Following the success of the Manly Dam nursery, a new nursery site was set up at Curl Curl to provide more space for plants and additional facilities for the program.

The two nurseries grow and supply over 25,000 plants for our local area each year, with the majority of the work completed by dedicated volunteers. Seeds and cuttings are carefully collected and stored, to ensure that local provenance is maintained. Once the plants are grown and hardened off, they are sent out to be planted at our bushcare sites, bushland reserves, creeks and beaches. We also provide plants for community giveaways, citizenship ceremonies and National Tree & School Tree Day events. 

If you are interested in joining one of our community nurseries, please email to join a waiting list.