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Please read these frequently asked questions before enquiring about hiring a venue from Northern Beaches Council.

Please ensure you are familiar with the Community Centre Terms and Conditions before hiring a venue.

If you require more information, you can contact us at Specific booking enquiries should be submitted through the online enquiry form for each centre.


How can I contact Council about an enquiry or booking?

You can send an online enquiry for each centre or contact the Centre Officer directly. Contact details for each booking office can be found on the on each centre’s webpage.

How do I get a key/swipecard for the venue?

Once your booking is approved and payment is finalised, you MUST book in a time slot to pick up your key or swipecard with the Centre Officer. The Centre Officer will let you know when and where you can pick up your key or swipecard. You should return your key or swipecard within the next business day.

Can I book regularly?

You can book regularly, please contact the Booking Office (contact details are located on each centres webpage) for availability.

What happens if I arrive early or overstay my allocated hire period? Can I set up the day before?

As per the Community Centre Terms and Conditions of Hire, no one can enter the premises until the approved start time specified on your booking form. If you are in the building outside your approved hire period, you may be fined for trespassing and charged for the hours you have overstayed, as well as inconvenience to other hirers.  Please allow for a minimum of half an hour for both set up, pack up and cleaning in your allocated booking time.

Can I arrange to view the venue before a confirmed booking is made?

Most important information, including photos and floorplans are located on the website. Not all centres are available for viewing in convenient times. Please contact the Booking Office (contact details are located on each centres webpage) for viewing availability. You must not go on the premises without confirmation from the Centre Officer.  

What are the hire fees?

Please refer to the fees and charges table on each centre's web page for more information. There are also general charges that may apply.

What is the minimum hire period?

  • Hire periods are a minimum of 1 ½ hours
  • Functions are a minimum hire period of four hours

Your hire period must include set up and pack up times.

What is the cancellation policy?

You must cancel your hire at least two weeks before your booked time. If you cancel closer, you may not be refunded. 

Can I have a 16th, 18th or 21st birthday party?

Council only allows youth events to be held at Yoyo's Youth Centre in Frenchs Forest. You must pay a higher bond, hire security and agree to extra terms and conditions. You must be over 18 to hire a venue.

How far in advance can I book a venue?

You can book anytime within the same year.


What happens if I arrive and the centre is a mess, there is no power, water etc?

All emergencies must be reported to Council immediately via your Centre Officer. If it is out of hours, please contact 1300 434 434.

What happens if I lose the key/swipecard?

There is a callout fee of $150 if Council staff have to attend the centre.  Replacement keys and swipecards are $80. Please contact the Centre Officer if you lose your key.


How can I pay for a venue?

Community Centre payments are made by debit or credit card. If you are unable to make a payment this way, you will need to travel to one of Council’s Customer Service locations with your invoice.  Note there is no payment card surcharge recovery for Community Centre payments.

Can payments be made online?

Payments can be made online for some centres. Please bear with us as we improve our payment options. Council is currently implementing a new online booking and payment system. 

When do I have to pay for a venue?

Casual hirers must pay at the time of their confirmation of booking.

Regular hirers are invoiced/charged every month or term.

When do I get my bond back?

You will receive your bond back after the centre has been checked for damage and cleaning. The money can be refunded to the nominated credit card. Bond refunds take a minimum of three business days to clear.


What do I do if someone is in the centre when I arrive, or interrupts my hire?

No other hirer or member of the public are allowed to enter the premises between the approved times specified on your booking application. Please let the Booking Office know if another hirer interrupts your hire period. Council staff are permitted to enter the building under certain circumstances, and regularly spot check centres.

What do I have to bring when I hire?

Please ensure you bring essentials such as oven trays, cutlery, garbage bags, plates and cups. All must be disposed of responsibly after your hire. Please remember that Council encourages no usage of single use plastics. View our Single Use Plastics Policy 

Are there tables and chairs in the facilities?

All centres should have tables and chairs to match the capacity of the facility. Please contact your Centre Officer if you need confirmation.

What is supplied?

Most centres provide cleaning equipment such as a vacuum and brooms. Some centres have kitchen appliances such as ovens, stovetops, microwaves, instant hot or cold water and dishwashers. Centres do not provide breakable items such as plates, cups or cutlery.  Please check the ‘Facilities’ section under each centre’s web page for specifics.

Are there tea and coffee making facilities?

Most centres have instant hot and cold water facilities. You will need to provide your own tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cups and teaspoons. Please remember that Council encourages no usage of single use plastics. View our Single Use Plastics Policy. All food items including milk must be disposed of after your allocated booking time.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Casual hirers may not need insurance depending on the amount of risk their activity involves, and if the activity charges a fee. Regular hirers will need public liability insurance if they charge a fee, even if it is a low risk activity.

Is alcohol allowed on the premises?

You may have alcohol at your function. You must declare if you will be serving or consuming alcohol on your booking application. If you intend to sell alcohol at your event, a liquor license must be obtained and RSA followed. All functions are subject to approval by management.

Can I decorate the room?

You can decorate the room, however please abide by the terms and conditions. Please consider the Single Use Plastics Policy and take a look at the 'Swap This for That' page for party ideas. Do not use tape or pins, and clean up all left decorations. Do not hang decorations from fans and lights.


Do I have to clean up after my function?

Yes. You must clean the centre so that it is left in an acceptable condition for the next hirer within your allocated hire time. Please ensure you also completely empty the fridge after each hire. You may be charged a cleaning fee or lose your bond if the centre is left in an unacceptable condition. 

What happens if I turn up and the centre is dirty?

If you believe the centre is not adequately clean for your hire, please contact the Centre Officer immediately, and send photos at the beginning of your allocated hire period. This will also ensure your bond is not charged a cleaning fee.

Are there cleaning items in the centre?

Most centres have mops, brooms and vacuums. Please contact your Centre Officer for clarification.

Lost and Found Items

What happens if I lose an item?

If you have lost an item, please contact your Booking Office as soon as possible. 


Compliments and complaints can be sent to or the Centre Officer.

Surveys are sent to casual hirers after their hire period.