The 24/7 Youth Film Festival comprises of four key components:

  1. Launch Event
  2. Skill Development / Filmmaking Workshop
  3. Competition Weekend 
  4. Make your Video!

Review the information key dates relating to each component. Join the 24/7 Youth Film Festival Facebook Group to keep updated on the festival.

All film entries that meet the criteria are screened at over two nights. The top 10 films that are up for a prize will be played at Hoyts for the Finals Night.

How do I Enter?

Simply complete an Application & Indemnity Form.

Entry Form examples (2021 to be released):

How much is entry to the festival?

$50 per team to be paid at the competition weekend.

I entered the festival last year, can I enter again?

Of course, we love to see people come back and welcome all new entrants as long as you fall within the age category.

How big can teams be?

12 people maximum, 1 person minimum (yep – it’s been done before)

I am an individual looking to join a team; can you help me find teammates?

We totally can. Let us know ASAP and we’ll try find you a team.  Shoot us an email at or Facebook message.

What are the award categories?

We are still ironing out the logistics, but in previous years categories were:

· Best Film

· Best U/18 Film

· Best U/15 Film

· Best Audio

· Best Actor

· Best Actress

· Best Use of an Item

· People’s Choice Award

· Best Script

· Best Cinematography

What is the judging criteria for films?

Films are judged on script, acting, cinematography, editing, audio, originality and creativity and overall impression.

What are the rules of the competition?

You can find a complete list of the Conditions of Entry.

What equipment do I need?

- Camera or iPhone – There’s plenty of options to hire equipment. But don’t feel pressure to shoot by camera, plenty of teams have used their iPhones in the past.

- Computer – for your editing and transferring of film.

- USB – for your film to be handed in on.

These are just the basics. Don’t forget actors, extras, props, transport and a winning attitude of course! Come along to the Launch Night and Filmmaking Workshop for some great tips to help you figure out exactly what you need along the way. Info and dates can be found here.

Will I need my own editing software?

Yes, most computers come with their own free editing software.

Will there be technical help available throughout the festival?

Yes! Keep your eye out for exact details of tech support available on our Facebook.

  • Before Competition Launch – come along to the Launch Night and Filmmaking Workshop check for advice and helpful tips & tricks (Info and dates can be found here). Get in touch via email at if you have a specific question and we’ll try our best to help!
  • During 24 Hour Competition Period – 5pm - 11pm Saturday, 8 - 10am Sunday (there will be a tech support person on hand at the Dee Why Civic Centre drop off point).

How do you make sure we don’t start our film prior to the festival being launched?

Your film must contain specific items and our secret rule, which we will announce at the Competition Weekend. In saying that, you can start brain storming or have a rough idea of a script and ideas ready and just adapt around it.