How do I enter?

  1. One team member to complete the registration form
  2. One team member to pay $50 +booking fee for the team entry
  3. Each team member to complete the Participant Declaration and Indemnity form.
  4. Register for the free Filmmaking workshop (optional, but encouraged extra!)
  5. Tie back to the theme of generations and note the items and phrases you need to include in your film. 
  6. Don't forget to check the Competition rules and condition of entry.  
  7. Exciting times! Start filming!
  8. Submit your film by Sun 1 Oct, 11:59pm


What are the key dates?

Check out the 24/7 Youth Film Festival page for key dates.

How much is entry to the festival?

$50 + booking fee per team

What are the rules of the competition?

Take a look at the Competitions rules and conditions of entry. It's important stuff

What are the rules, secret items and phrases that must be included in the film?

This year’s theme is Generations. Entrants are required to include, mention or create a theme about someone of or something from a different generation. This is open to a team’s creative interpretation and can be represented in different ways.

PLUS...Your film must include specific items and phrases. The choice is yours!

Items (choose at least 2)

  • Yellow Pages or White Pages
  • Street Directory
  • An old mobile phone – with no internet access
  • VCR
  • CD
  • Record player
  • Cassette
  • Floppy disc
  • Spirograph
  • YOYO
  • Wind chimes
  • Typewriter

Phrases (choose at least 1)

  • Before the mobile phone 
  • Back in my day
  • How things have changed
  • In the future
  • So much to look forward to

Remember to check the Competition rules and conditions of entry. It's important stuff

What equipment do I need?

Camera or phone for filming. There’s plenty of options to hire equipment. But don’t feel pressure to shoot by camera, plenty of teams have used their phones in the past.

Computer or phone for editing and transferring of film.

These are just the basics. Don’t forget actors, extras, props, transport and a winning attitude of course! Come along to the Filmmaking Workshop for some great tips to help you figure out exactly what you need along the way. Info and dates can be found here.

I entered the festival last year, can I enter again?

Of course, we love to see people come back and welcome all new entrants as long as you fall within the age category.

How big can teams be?

12 people maximum, 1 person minimum (yep – it’s been done before)

How do I submit my film?

To submit your film, complete the below steps and send both links to by 11:59pm 1 Oct 2023:

  • Upload film on your YouTube or Vimeo account 
  • Videos need to be in format 1920 X 1080 pixels
  • Put a link to download a hi-res version of your film on Dropbox, WeTransfer etc. Alternatively, you can drop this on a hard drive or USB into Manly Town Hall Customer Service, 1 Belgrave Street Manly 2095 for attention of the KALOF team

Who will see my film?

Everyone! Whether your film makes the Finals or not, your amazing work will be on our website. Take a look at previous 24/7 films

What is the judging criteria for films?

Films are judged by independent professionals and internal staff on aspects such as script, acting, cinematography, editing, audio, originality and creativity.

Will I need my own editing software?

Yes, there are many apps and editing software you can download

Will there be help available throughout the festival?

Come along to the Filmmaking Workshop on Sun 17 Sep for advice and helpful tips & tricks.  If you have a specific question, get in touch and we’ll try our best to help!

Read more information about our 24/7 Youth Film Festival comp