Swim in a safe, stimulating environment and have fun getting fit.  

Lap lanes are available in both the 50 metre (26 degrees) outdoor pools and indoor 25 metre (28 degrees) pool.

Lane Availability

This is a guide to the number of lanes available in the pools for public swimming and is subject to change without notice.

During peak times (Monday to Friday 3.30-7pm & Saturdays 7am–1.30pm) the lap lanes can be crowded at times.

Indoor 25m   |   Outdoor 25m   |   Outdoor 50m 

Program Pool

The Program Pool (The L shaped pool near the café) is available for walking and gentle exercise Monday to Friday from 5.30 - 9am and 12noon - 3pm. It is used for swimming lessons and closed for public swimming on Saturdays from 7.30am to 1pm (fun and splash space is available in our leisure and toddler pools).

School Carnivals

Lane availability for public swimming is restricted throughout the carnival season. See the 2019 carnival timetable.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

  • Select a lane based on your ability and stroke(s) you intend to swim (for safety reasons, some lanes indicate breaststroke is not permitted).
    Slow: laps slower than 60 seconds.
    Medium: laps slower than 45 seconds.
    Medium fast: laps slower than 40 seconds.
    Fast: laps faster than 40 seconds
  • While swimming, keep to the left of the lane
  • Pass a swimmer in front, by swimming past on the right
  • Check both directions when moving across lanes
  • When waiting at the end of the pool, keep clear of other swimmers and stay in the corners of the lane.
  • Walk-Run lanes will be provided whenever possible. If there are no designated Walk-Run lanes, please ask a Pool Attendant.