Adult Swim School

It is never too late to learn! All ages and all levels. The MABC Swim School conducts friendly and relaxed classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Learn to swim classes feature the development of water confidence, safety skills and basic strokes. Development and correction classes include stroke correction, breathing techniques and improved fitness.

Duration: 30-45 minute class depending on numbers in the class

Cost: One session per week $20 or purchase a 10 visit pass for $180 (valid for 12 months from date of purchase)


This class is designed for swimmers who may have a fear of the water and are not confident to submerge. The aim is to develop water confidence to teach basic swimming skills. Up to six participants per class.

  • Tuesdays - 6.30am and 6.30pm
  • Wednesdays - 12pm
  • Thursdays - 6.30pm


The aim of the class is for students to further develop their swimming strokes and start to establish knowledge on breathing techniques and arm strokes. Up to seven participants per class.

  • Mondays - 7pm
  • Tuesdays - 6.30am


The aim of the class is for swimmers to develop stroke technique and distance with all swimming strokes. Up to eight participants per class.

  • Tuesdays - 7pm
  • Thursdays - 7.30am

Master Squads

Our Master Squads are designed for swimmers wanting to improve or maintain their fitness, endurance and technique.

There is no minimum training sessions required at this level. However we do recommend doing 2-3 session per week.

Sessions are held at 6.45pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Duration: 60 minutes.

Cost: Casual sessions are also available for $15 per session or purchase a 10 visit pass for  $140 (valid for 12 months from the date of purchase).

Adult Water Safety & Survival Education Program

Learn how to:

  • Move through the water more efficiently,
  • Develop comfortable breath control,
  • Understand buoyancy, submersion and treading water,
  • Improve your confidence to save or help someone in danger.

Duration: 1x45 minute session a week for 5 weeks (5 sessions).

Cost: $100

Upcoming Program Dates

Mondays at 12:15pm

  • 3rd February - 2nd March 2020
  • 9th March - 6th April 2020

Thursdays at 7:15pm

  • 6th February - 5th March 2020
  • 12th March - 9th April 2020

Enrolments and Enquiries

Please email to enrol.

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