Sheriden Bird - Weaving a Turtle

Learn basic weaving techniques and create a woven turtle.

Ashley Carlson - Pour Painting

Experiment with a range of paint pouring and blending techniques to create a spontaneous composition.

Gina Fenton - Journey Through Line

Explore repetition and pattern, creating compositions through the process.

Kids Create - Leaf Prints

Kids, gather fallen leaves and create leaf patterns and prints using acrylic paint.

Xenia Jade - Everlasting Floral Arrangement

Create a floral arrangement using foraged branches, pods and twigs fallen from trees or found in your garden.

Kids Create - Pointillism

Let’s get dotty! Kids, create your own painting using pointillism techniques.

Kevin Diallo - Collage

Collage is a great way to create unique compositions of elements do not usually side by side. So, get around the table to start cutting and sticking!

Kids Create - Mark Making

Experiment with everyday materials and have fun making different marks!

Katika Schultz - Mono printing at home

Create your own mono print using whatever subject matter you choose.

Susan Baran - Stencil Printmaking

Create an artwork by making stencils and printing with paint.

Peter Sharp - Paint en plein air

Venture out and capture nature painting en plein air.

Le-Anne Liversage - Wall hanging from nature

Create a decorative wall hanging from foraged materials.

Frankie Morgan – Picture and Poetry

Slow down and contemplate words and light, with a blend of drawing and poetry.

Kids Create – How to draw faces

Explore the basics of drawing a face and create your very own portrait!

Kids Create – Tints, Tones, Shades

Explore light and dark by creating your own tints, tones and shades.

Kids Create - Contrasting colours

Explore and experiment with different colour combinations to see how they interact with each other.

Kids Create - Imaginary Food Collage

Use your imagination to create your very own weird and wonderful food collage!

Helen Earl - Leafy View: Paper Cut Outs

Create a paper cut-out composition inspired by bushland plants and their leaves. 

AJ Gough - Sustainable ‘Swingin’ Succulents

Create a fun swinging planter from a can or other objects found around your home.