Reduce: Help reduce waste going to landfill by buying only what you need and what will last.  Find out from our Buy Sell Online workshops where to buy quality second hand items that sell at a reasonable price or even offer them for free.

Reuse: If you have any bulky goods that you no longer require consider giving away or selling the item

Recycle: If your item is not good enough for reuse it may be recyclable. Check out Council's A to Z Guide to Recycling, Reuse and Disposal 

Bulky items that cannot be reused or recycled can be disposed of through Council's bulky goods clean up collections (see below for collectable materials). 

Remember these clean ups are for bulky goods only.  Small items are easily scattered and should be placed in your red lidded garbage bin.

Former Warringah Council area

If you live in the former Warringah Council area (Queenscliff to Narrabeen), Council collects bulky goods from your neighbourhood twice a year.

We’ll notify you with a letterbox drop three weeks before the collection date. We don’t publish scheduled collection dates in advance in order to deter dumping.

Former Pittwater Council area

If you live in the former Pittwater Council (Narrabeen to Palm Beach) area you can arrange two pre-booked collections within 12 months (subject to availability). For example, if you make your first booking in July 2018 you have until July 2019 to use your second booking.

Advance booking is essential - phone 9970 1233 or book online.

We’ll send you an email confirmation.

If you need to cancel, call 9970 1233 or Customer Service on 1300 434 434 (up to two days before your pre-booked collection day)

Please note - if you’ve pre-booked a collection and forget to place your items out, it will still count as one of your two clean-ups in 12 months.

Former Manly Council area

If you live in the former Manly Council area (Manly to Seaforth), bulky goods collection booking spots are booked out until the end of June 2019. 

Council is implementing a new on demand Bulky Goods Collection service for all Northern Beaches residents commencing 1 July, 2019.

The new booking system for booking dates after 1 July 2019 will be up and running soon.  This page will be updated once the system is available.  Please check back on this page soon.

Scotland Island and Western Foreshore

Council collects bulky goods from Scotland Island and the Western Foreshore twice a year. You can find out about upcoming collections on your waste calendar.

Please remember when you put items out

  • Items should be on the kerb or nature strip no earlier than the night before your property’s booked collection or the weekend before your area’s scheduled collection
  • Dismantle large items so they can be more easily loaded
  • Remove doors from stoves, washing machines and fridges
  • Place metal items in separate pile for recycling
  • Keep it to three cubic metres – what would fit into a small box trailer

What we can collect

  • Furniture
  • Mattresses and bed bases
  • Pillows
  • Air mattresses
  • Non-recyclable household items
  • Up to 12 fence palings
  • Rolled and tied up carpets up to 1.8m long (max 3 rolls)
  • Empty hot water systems
  • White goods
  • Up to three sheets of metal roofing maximum size 1m x 1.5m
  • Metal chairs
  • Items made entirely from metal
  • Empty bean bags. Put the polystyrene beads in a strong plastic bag, expel the air, seal and place in the red lidded bin

Please don’t put these items out

  • Heavy items that can’t be safely moved by two people
  • Liquid or business waste
  • E-waste, specifically TVs, computers
  • Car parts, tyres, oils
  • Sheet glass, mirrors, windows, glass tables
  • Building material, including insulation, brick, rubble, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, asbestos
  • Hazardous waste, including smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, chemicals, paint, car batteries
  • Vegetation, recyclable material, household garbage
  • Polystyrene beads, put these in a strong plastic bag, expel the air and seal.  Place the bag in the red lidded bin
  • Small items like knives, forks and spoons. (Nothing smaller than a toaster) 

Use all the recycling resources available to you

You could reduce the items going to landfill by holding a garage sale before your collection. Or give items to a charity or a friend. Check out other ideas and resources on the Northern Beaches to help you recycle and reduce waste:

Further enquiries

If you have any issues please call Waste Services on 1300 434 434.