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The Northern Beaches is one of Sydney’s most beautiful but least affordable areas to live, which puts stress on individual households and has a significant impact on attracting key workers to the area. Council is working with all levels of government to deal with this complex challenge.

What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is about having a range of properties people can afford without causing them difficulty in purchasing other necessities. It is commonly thought to mean not having to spend more than 30% of a person’s income per week.

Some types of housing may include granny flats, units, boarding houses, shared accommodation or social housing. 

What is Council Doing About Housing Affordability?

Council’s Affordable Housing Policy proposes working more closely with the State and Federal government to find solutions, waive section 94A development contributions for any part of a development proposal with affordable rental housing and to establish clear targets for affordable housing.

Affordable Housing on any Council-owned Land

Consideration is also being given to providing affordable housing on any Council-owned land where feasible and tendering for a Community Housing Provider to manage and deliver affordable rental housing.