A place plan is a tactical and action-oriented strategy focused on the community’s connection to the place. Council works together with local community to establish a vision and pathway for the local area, that is aligned with the current and future needs of the community.

A place plan aims to:

  • create places designed for people
  • attract the right uses to the right places
  • provide a focal point for employment and deliver high quality urban design outcomes
  • improve connectivity in and around the centre, especially for pedestrians
  • recognise the importance of streets as community spaces and destinations

My Place: Avalon

Avalon Beach Place Plan was adopted as amended by Council at the meeting on 26 July 2022.  The plan was prepared to identify public domain improvements and programs that will contribute to a shared place vision for Avalon Beach. Changes were made to the Place Plan post exhibition to reflect feedback provided.

See My Place: Avalon project page for more information.