Our planning department is responsible for ensuring that the development and conservation in the Manly area complies with the NSW planning instruments and control plans.

Manly Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013

The Manly Local Environment Plan 2013 (as amended) is made up of a written instrument and maps. The LEP commenced on 19 April 2013. The written instrument and maps are available through the following link:

Manly Development Control Plan (DCP) 2013

Manly Development Control Plan 2013 should be read in conjunction with, and in addition to Manly Local Environment Plan 2013. The DCP supports the LEP with more detailed planning and design guidelines. The DCP was initially adopted on 16 July 2012, and commenced on 19 April 2013.

Manly DCP 2013 is structured to assist applicants to efficiently find the relevant development provisions in a logical manner as follows:

  • Part 1 - Introduction 
    This Part outlines the Plan’s purpose and structure, its relationship with other Plans and Policies and a detailed Table of Contents and General Aims and Objectives.
  • Part 2 - Process (what do I lodge with the DA & how is the DA notified)
    This Part outlines exhibition, advertising and notification processes.

  • Part 3 - General Principles of Development
    This Part outlines general development principles to be considered and applied as relevant for all forms of development.

  • Part 4 - Development Controls and Development Types
    This Part outlines development controls relating to residential, commercial and industrial development as well as a range of other specific development types.

  • Part 5 - Special Character Precincts, Areas and Sites
    This Part contains additional guidelines including design requirements and/or environmental sensitivities which exist for certain places that require special consideration. Development Proposals are also to have regard to the general provisions of Parts 3 and 4, in conjunction with the additional design requirements of this Part.

  • Schedules
    The Schedules comprise a range of maps, tables and additional details referred to in the Plan

  • Dictionary
    The Dictionary adopts meanings contained in Manly LEP 2013 and provides a range of additional dictionary meanings not otherwise provided in the LEP

Policies and Other Matters