Our rules keep you and the community safe. They protect the look and feel of the Northern Beaches. If you are going to build on your property, whether it’s a major project, a new house, or an extension, you need to follow the rules - even if you are building a deck or a pergola, or wanting to remove trees.

Online Certificates

You can use our online tools to apply for Certificates (Planning, Rates Certificate 603, Outstanding Health & Building, Construction, Complying, Occupation & Notice of Commencement)

Do I need a Development Application?

Get your next project off to the right start with the Northern Beaches planning rules and guidelines and find pre-lodgement meeting information here.

Development Application Process

Find a brief overview of the DA process and helpful links so you can build your next dream.


Application forms for all permits and certificates you may need during your build.

Application Search

Use our Application Search tool to track the progress of Development Applications, make submissions or to view other current or past approvals across...

Planning Controls

Building on the Northern Beaches? Find links to our LEPs, DCPs, SEPPs and specific controls here.

Property Search

Use our Property Search to find the rules that apply to your next build.

Determination Panels

Some Development Applications (DAs) are determined by a panel. The panel makes a decision, or ‘determination’ in allowing the development or ...

Development Variation Registers

View our register of development applications determined with variation in standards under SEPP No 1- Development Standards

Environmental and Community Protections

Managing building sites correctly can reduce detrimental impacts on our Northern Beaches environment and community.

Development Contributions

Section 7.11 (formerly S94) of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 allows councils to include as a condition of development consent...