You can help to protect our bushland, beaches and waterways through making simple sustainable choices at home, learning more about the environment and getting inspired.  The Council is right there with you, with a green vision and focussed sustainability strategy.

We have several waste reduction programs including recycling and reducing single use plastic. Our Teacher's Hub also has a heap of information to help you become more sustainable.

Local businesses can join the Sustainability Business Network to share their knowledge and experiences to become more sustainable.

Climate change

Adapting to changes in our climate involves research and informed, sustainable plans for the future. Community involvement is critical.

Council sustainability actions

We want to be environmentally sustainable and take action on climate change, we are working everyday on new and exciting projects.

Solar and energy

Take a look at the ways you can reduce your electricity use, install solar panels or make other changes to lower your carbon footprint.

Water efficiency

Whilst water restrictions have been eased to new Water Wise Guidelines, we should continue to save water and practice water wise ...