The Northern Beaches is an area of diverse, dynamic and thriving businesses.

We want to develop a network that supports significant sustainability improvements and shares knowledge and experiences.

This network is a forum for you to share best practice, discuss ideas and learn how other businesses make changes to improve sustainability. 

Join our network by emailing Council’s Sustainability Officer. We'd love to hear about your success stories too!

Here's some ideas to get you started!

Local Business Sustainability Awards

To get some inspiration, check out the winners of our Local Business Sustainability Awards.

Business support program

RSM Australia is developing a new sustainability program for Council to support local businesses on the Northern Beaches.

Watch this space, materials and toolkits are currently being developed. The new program will be out soon.  

Energy Saver program

The NSW Government 'Energy Saver' program offers discounts, incentives and training for businesses to reduce energy use and save on power bills.

There are subsidies for new appliances and equipment including:

There are also offering a coaching program for small businesses (less than 50 employees). The program will provide small businesses with basic energy management advice and identify energy saving opportunities: 

  • Courses and webinars
  • face-to-face workshop, participate in an online webinar or undertake an online training module and pay a support fee of $20 are eligible to receive one-on-one coaching from an energy advisor via a virtual site visit. 
  • Coaching Session: The Energy Advisor will carry out 2 hr coaching sessions with small businesses recruited by the NSW Government. Coaching will be conducted virtually via video-calling services (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google duo etc.) or by phone, if the business prefers. The 2-hour coaching will be carried out over two sessions, the first session will be used to understand the business and the second session will be used to discuss the implementation of recommended actions. Prior to the session, each business will provide 12-months of energy bills, photos of any energy using equipment on-site and information about why they are interested in receiving the coaching. The coaching session will assist small business to understand how they are using energy and identify opportunities to reduce their energy use and save money by analysing their energy bills and equipment. ”

For further queries, please contact the energy saving business team at or call on 02 9895 6590.

Swap for Good

Council has developed a program to support and empower businesses in moving away from single-use plastics - Swap for Good program.

The program includes resources, ongoing assistance, information on alternative materials and suppliers, events and collaboration opportunities within the business community. 

If you would like to explore how your business can reduce single-use plastics, complete this quick survey and we'll help you get started.

Bin Trim

Need assistance with managing your business waste? The NSW Environment Protection Authority's Bin Trim program provides businesses with free help and support to maximise their recycling and minimise their waste to landfill. 

Find a Bin Trim Assessors in your area or visit Bin Trim for more information. Email to register your interest.

More information

Email Council’s Sustainability Officer to suggest topics for this page or find out about upcoming events.