Stage 1 Program - Different Coastal Environments

A hands on exploration of different, local coastal environments. Students will investigate the many animals, features and uses of these different environments and suggest strategies to care for them.

This program is split into three different locations all within walking distance of each other.

Location one - Coastal Environment Centre, Narrabeen Lagoon.

Our experienced educators facilitate 3 – 4 activities beside the lagoon. These activities include interactive elements for the children to participate in while highlighting the effects of human impact on the environment. Through these activities children suggest ways they themselves can have a positive effect on our local environments.

Location two – Turimetta

Children partake in a bushwalk along North Narrabeen headland and are rewarded with a bird’s eye view of the mouth of the lagoon meeting the ocean. This assists them to interpret a 3D model they are shown of the area, with both natural and manmade features highlighted. After arriving at Turimetta Beach the children explore this environment through discovery and discussion. We tap into their collective knowledge to identify "clues" washed up from the ocean. Some have been washed ashore previously some the students will find that day.

Location three – North Narrabeen Rock Platform 

The highlight of the day! Following a safety talk, and guided by our knowledgeable educators, children explore the rock platform. This habitat is full of diverse animals, sure to inspire and ignite the curiosity. An exciting, and truly interactive learning experience.

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