Install Solar PV (power)

Install solar power and enjoy the benefits of clean green energy for free at home.

Installing a solar (photovoltaic or PV) power system is a great way of capturing the sun's energy to generate electricity at home.

  • Increasingly affordable option to reduce your power bills
  • Generate your own clean electricity
  • Low-maintenance once installed
  • Potential to increase the value of your home

Visit SunSPoT

If you are considering installing solar try out SunSPoT. This great tool will help you calculate how much electricity and money a solar PV system could save your home or business. The tool is based on detailed modelling which takes accounts of solar radiation, tilt, orientation and shading at your home or business. Council worked with Australian PV Institute (AVPI) to map the Northern Beaches area so you can select your own rooftop and receive personalised information.

Install a battery to connect to solar power

Store the electricity your solar system produces, so you can use it even when you’re not generating it, like night time. New lithium-ion batteries are lighter, low maintenance and don’t emit hydrogen gas. Batteries aren’t suitable for every household, but if you’d like to avoid peak electricity prices check out more information from the Clean Energy Council.

Install a solar hot water system

Installing a solar hot water system is a great way of using the Northern Beaches plentiful supply of sun to heat water for your home. It can also significantly reduce your water heating costs. Depending on how much hot water you use, a solar hot water system can supply up to 90% of your hot water needs.

Speak to us about solar suitability for your home

Solar Conversations - Council's trained staff for a general chat about suitability of your house for solar

Want to talk to an expert?

Energy and Solar Advisory Service - speak with our external expert about tricky solar questions, solar for strata, solar batteries, EV charging, energy efficiency and more