The table below provides a list of recently awarded works over $150,000 (inc gst). Contract registrations reference the closing date, who has made a submission and a link to additional information of the contract.

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 Council is only required to make contract information available as open access information for the public access period which is the longer of :

   a. 20 working days;

   b. the period until the project to which the contract relates is completed

Tender Ref Date Contract Awarded
Traffic Calming - Maxwell Parade and Fitzpatrick Ave East, Frenchs Forest under 2019/003 17 Jul 2024
Traffic Calming - Currie Road and Maxwell Parade (Raised thresholds), Frenchs Forest under 2019/003 9 Jul 2024
Manly Aquatic Centre Outdoor Poles and Luminaires RFQ 2024/063 10 Jul 2024
Manly Dam MTB Trail – Bantry Reserve Shared Zone RFQ 2024/066 28 May 2024
Detailed Design Services for Clontarf Reserve RFQ 2023/207 4 Jun 2024
Beacon Hill Traffic Calming under 2019/003 24 Jun 2024
Winnererremy Bay Playground – Senior Climbing Structure Renewal RFQ 2024/041 5 Jun 2024
Road Resheeting- Alfred St, Narraweena under T2020-09 9 Nov 2023
Road Resheeting- Alfred St, Narraweena under T2020-09 9 Nov 2023
Road Resheeting - Willandra Rd Section 2 under T2020-09 15 Aug 2023
Road Resheeting - Willandra Rd Section 1 under T2020-09 20 Sep 2023
Road Resheeting - Raymond Rd, Bilgola Plateau under T2020-09 9 Nov 2023
Road Resheeting - Park St, Mona Vale under T2020-09 11 Aug 2023
Road Resheeting- Lantana Ave, Wheeler Heights under T2020-09 9 Nov 2023
Road Resheeting - Collins St North Narrabeen under T2020-09 28 May 2024
Road Resheeting - Chiltern Rd, Ingleside T2020-09 21 Nov 2023
Road Resheeting - Bangaroo Street (Woodbine St to North End (Warringah St), North Balgowlah – Microsurfacing & Heavy Patching under T2020-09 29 Jan 2024
Road Resheeting - Avon Rd, Dee Why - LRCI under T2020-09 19 Apr 2024
Road Resheet - Bantry Bay Road incl. Parking Bays under T2020-09 28 Aug 2023
Acquisition of 4 Street Sweepers ALT 2024/085 3 Jun 2024
RLRRP - Waratah Pde stage 2 heavy patch approach to McIntosh Rd under T2020-09 19 Jan 2024
RLRRP - Westminster Ave (Kingsway to Lismore Ave), Dee Why under T2020-09 12 Jul 2023
RLRRP - South Cr Rd (James Wheeler Pl to Cumberland Ave), Dee Why under T2020-09 12 Jul 2023
RLRRP - Ryrie Ave (Bridgeview Cr to Warringah Rd), Forestville under T2020-09 12 Jul 2023
RLRRP - Roosevelt Ave (Grigor Pl to Wewak Pl), Allambie Heights under T2020-09 12 Jul 2023
Road Resheeting - Peronne Ave, Clontarf under T2020-09 12 Sep 2023
RLRRP - Campbell Pde (Condamine St to End (east)), Manly Vale under T2020-09 12 Jul 2023
Road Resheeting - Benelong St, Seaforth under T2020-09 15 Sep 2023
Road Resheet - Bantry Bay Road incl. Parking Bays under T2020-09 28 Aug 2023
RLRRP - Harbord Rd (Wyadra Ave to Wyndora Ave), Freshwater under T2020-09 17 Oct 2023
RLRRP - Harbord Rd (Brighton St to William St), North Manly under T2020-09 18 Oct 2023
RLRRP - Beaconview St, (Dobroyd Rd - Curban St), Balgowlah Heights under T2020-09 3 Oct 2023
RLRRP - Waratah Pde (Warringah to McIntosh), Narraweena under T2020-09 6 Dec 2023
Freshwater Beach Park Playground RFQ 2024/047 5 Jun 2024
Surfside Avenue, Avalon – Relaying of Footpath and Upgrade to Existing Drainage under Panel 2019/013 29 Apr 2024
138 Killarney Drive, Killarney Heights – Landslip Restoration RFQ 2024/023 20 May 2024
Christmas Decorations RFQ 2022/126 21 Sep 2022
Manly Federation Boardwalk Repairs RFQ 2024/055 14 May 2024
Carawa Road and Alfred Street, Cromer Intersection Pedestrian Crossing Upgrade under 2019/003 6 May 2024
Microsoft EA & SCE Licenses RFQ 2022/014 1 Jul 2022
Graffiti Removal and Bus Shelter Cleaning Services RFT 2023/166 19 Apr 2024
Paradise Beach Tidal Pool Renewal RFQ 2024/003 22 Apr 2024
Lift Installation Works at Avalon Bowling Club RFQ 2024/022 23 Apr 2024
Replacement of Rear Load Garbage Truck RFQ 2023/165 23 Jan 2024
Provision of Co-location Data Centre services RFT 2023/174 29 Mar 2024
Freshwater Beach Masterplan Stage 1B Landscaping RFQ 2023/146 5 Sep 2023
Triangle Park North, Dee Why. Lighting and Electrical Upgrade Works RFQ 2023/120 26 Sep 2023
Collaroy-Narrabeen Coastal Management Program ALT 2024/025 27 Mar 2024
Garden Street Powderworks Road Drainage Improvement RFQ 2023/043 19 Oct 2023
Yachtsman’s Paradise Seawall and Drainage Repair Works ALT 2023/212 11 Mar 2024
Stormwater Pipe Remediation Works in Belrose – Package 2 RFQ 2023/157 8 Feb 2024
Stormwater Pipe Remediation Works in Belrose – Package 1 RFQ 2023/158 27 Nov 2023
Stormwater Pipe Remediation Works in Elanora Heights RFQ 2023/159 17 Nov 2023
Manly Dam Memorial Shelter & Accessibility Upgrade RFQ 2023/195 22 Feb 2024
Triangle Park North Dee Why Upgrade Works RFQ 2023/078 15 Aug 2023
Warringah Recreational Centre - Architectural Consultancy Design Services RFQ 2023/071 12 Dec 2023
Stormwater Pipe Remediation Works in Clareville, Wheeler Heights, Newport, Manly Vale RFQ 2023/203 18 Jan 2024
Mackerel and Currawong Wharf Design, REF and Geotechnical Investigation Proposal RFQ 2023/143 5 Dec 2023
Open Coasts and Lagoons Scoping Study RFQ 2023/039 21 Dec 2023
Supply and Implementation of Online Learning Library RFT 2023/075 1 Jan 2024
Bayview Seawall and Path Renewal Works RFT 2022/241 30 Nov 2023
Park Avenue Avalon – Slope Stabilisation Stage 1 Works Services RFQ 2023/125 30 Nov 2023
Design and Construction Services for the Warriewood Valley Community Centre RFT 2023/001 21 Dec 2023
Hardware Replacement for Core Systems TechOne and TRIM RFQ 2023/037 17 Jan 2024
Digital.NSW ICT Purchasing Framework – Provision of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software as a Services solution implementation services RFQ 2023/025 18 Dec 2023
Feasibility study for proposed multi-use performance and exhibition space at Manly Town Hall, Manly RFQ 2023/191 18 Dec 2023
UKG Subscription/licences ALT 2024/012 9 Jan 2024
SAP Cloud Services under C2601 27 Nov 2023
Harbord Literary Institute Playground Upgrade RFQ 2023/029 13 Dec 2023
Provision of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software as a Services solution (under Digital.NSW ICT Purchasing Framework) RFQ 2023/024 24 Nov 2023
Prefabricated Changing Places Modular Building for Rowland Reserve RFQ 2023/201 29 Nov 2023
Construction of Little Manly Point Amenities RFT 2023/038 19 Dec 2023
Fisher Road and Lismore Avenue Safety Upgrade Panel 2019-003 17 Jul 2023
Embankment stabilization – 24 Loquat Valley Road, Bayview, NSW under LGP420 12 Sep 2023
Gibbs St and Quinlan Pde Manly Vale under LGP420 1 Aug 2023
Lynne Czinner Park RFQ 2023/035 22 Nov 2023
Street Tree Planting Pittwater Road Brookvale Panel 2018/230 8 Nov 2023
Whale Beach Stormwater Outlet Panel 2021/081 15 Nov 2023
Provision of Legal Services Panel RFT 2023/112 3 Nov 2023
Warriewood Beach SLSC Foreshore Upgrade RFQ 2023/023 26 Oct 2023
Provision of an Apprenticeship and Traineeship Program RFT 2023/104 3 Nov 2023
Stage 2 Air-Conditioning System Upgrade at Glen Street Theatre RFT 2023/044 20 Sep 2023
Curl Curl Ward Pro Active Tree Works RFQ 2023/013 1 Aug 2023
AV & Staging for Christmas Choral Concert / Christmas by the Beach 2023 & 2024 RFQ 2023/160 25 Sep 2023
Water Feature & Splash Park Maintenance RFT 2023/111 18 Sep 2023
Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Clearance Works 2023 RFT 2023/118 11 Sep 2023
Sewer and Stormwater Pumping Stations Planned Maintenance and Servicing RFQ 2023/007 1 Apr 2023
Provision for Corporate Uniforms, Workwear and PPE RFT 2023/056 7 Nov 2023
Roof Membrane Upgrade and Associated Works for Dee Why Civic Centre and Library RFT 2023/054 29 Nov 2023
North Harbour Reserve Catchment Study RFQ 2023/004 1 Aug 2023
Forestville Commercial Centre Upgrade - Stage 1 RFQ 2023/042 19 Jul 2023
Integration Solution for NSW Online Development Application Service API RFQ 2023/010 31 May 2023
Holiday cabin refurbishment works at Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park, North Narrabeen RFQ 2023/117 14 Aug 2023
Employee Assistance Program RFQ 2023/108 31 Jul 2023
Accredited First Aid Training RFQ 2023/073 20 Jul 2023
Lease of Coffee Kiosk at Boy Charlton Pool RFT 2022/046 1 Sep 2022
Mona Vale Beach Outlets Upgrade RFQ 2023/006 10 Mar 2023
Wellings Reserve Access Road and Drainage Improvements Balgowlah RFQ 2023/014 11 Jul 2023
Synthetic Sports Field Maintenance RFT 2023/063 1 Sep 2023
The Corso Drainage Reparis RFQ 2022/236 5 May 2023
Veeam Back Up RFQ 2022/076 1 Jul 2022
Effluent Removal Services RFT 2019/204 30 Mar 2020
ETC Apex 10 – Lighting Console ALT 2023/121 30 Jun 2023
Adobe User License Renewal RFQ 2023/074 25 Jun 2023
Salesforce.com (NSW Whole of Government Agreement) RFQ 2021/024 1 Mar 2021
Cyber Security Services RFQ 2023/051 16 May 2023
Design Services for Female Friendly Changes facilities at Pittwater Rugby Park, Warriewood RFQ 2023/041 15 May 2023
Warringah Aquatic Centre – Air Handling Units Replacement RFQ 2022/197 15 May 2023
Robert Walters - Client Agreement Schedule RFQ 2022/104 1 Jul 2022
Addiscombe Road ISMP Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting Program RFQ 2023/046 20 Mar 2023
Ankali Place Stormwater Outlet RFQ 2022/191 19 Apr 2023
Network Switches Hardware & Installation RFQ 2021/203
Accessible & Female Amenities Upgrades at Avalon Bowling Club RFQ 2023/008
Irrigation Maintenance Services Panel RFQ 2022/100
Landscape Works at Manly Cemetery RFQ 2022/200
Provision of Autodesk Software Services RFQ 2022/230
Dee Why Civic Centre Cabling Remediation RFQ 2022/243
Northern Beaches Council Energy Audits and Transition from Gas Plan RFQ 2022/227
Monumental masonry works at Manly Cemetery, Fairlight ALT 2023/028 9 Mar 2023
St Andrews Gate Road Reconstruction RFT 2022/232
Software Provider for Children’s Services RFT 2022/109
Provision of Tree Services RFT 2022/059
Design and Construct Clontarf Reserve Tidal Pool RFT 2022/195
Snapperman Beach Seawall Reconstruction Works RFQ 2022/094
Manly Dam Link Trail Boardwalk RFT 2022/224 15 Jan 2024
Shelly Beach Public Amenities Renewal - Construction RFT 2022/091
Construction Services for Porter Reserve Clubhouse Changespace RFT 2021/234
Lease, Licence & Fitout of Cafe Long Reef Beach RFT 2022/037 1 Aug 2023
Construction Services for the NSW Rural Fire Service Building at Duffy's Forest RFT 2022/047
Design and Construct of Fern Creek Pedestrian Bridge RFT 2022/029
Training Room at South Narrabeen SLSC RFT 2022/053
Manly LSC & Associated Community Facilities - Design Consultancy Services RFT 2021/130
Northern Beaches Parking Infrastructure and Services RFT 2022/007
The Operation of Markets at North Narrabeen Reserve RFT 2022/001
Marine Rescue Rowland Reserve Building Replacement RFT 2021/233
Cleaning Services for Council Buildings RFT 2021/214
Stormwater Works Panel RFT 2021/081
Road Restoration Works Panel RFT 2021/028
Utility Account Management, Monitoring and Reporting Service RFT 2021/053
Provision of 6 Grid Connected PV & 1 Battery system to 6 Council Sites RFQ 2020/211
Redevelopment of Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club & Associated Community Facilities RFT 2020/174
Lionel Watts Eastern Amenities Upgrades RFT 2020/134
Gross Pollutant Trap Installation North Steyne, Manly RFT 2020/124
Consultancy Services for Architectual Services Warriewood Valley Community Centre RFT 2019/118
Clontarf Reserve Playground Upgrade RFT 2020/159
Stage 1 Air Conditioning System Upgrade at Glen Street Theatre RFT 2020/163
Fairy Bower Stormwater Outlet Renewal Works RFT 2020/164
Queenscliff Surf Club Lift & Internal Alterations RFT 2020/040
St David Avenue Park, Dee Why RFT 2020/090
Bell and Carols Wharf Upgrades RFT 2020/006
North Curl Curl Skate Park RFQ 2020/014
Manly CBD Public Space Protection RFT 2020/098
East Esplanade Reserve Public Amenities RFT 2019/271
Major Building and Office Fit Out Works at 52 Raglan Street Manly RFT 2020/011
Five Grid Connected PV Systems to Council Sites RFQ 2019/226
Public and Sports Amenities Cleaning Services RFT 2020/035
Frenchs Forest Showground and Car Park Upgrade RFT 2019/161
2020 Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park Amenities Refurbishment RFT 2020/047
Lifeguard Services Turimetta to North Palm Beach RFT 2020/037
Installation of a 265 kW Solar PV to Manly Andrew "Boy" Charlton Pool RFT 2020/005
Landscape Works Package for Pittwater State Park, Currawong Beach NSW 2108 RFQ 2019/060
Manly Dam Northern Park Bush Regeneration RFQ 2019/298
Manly Dam Southern Park Bush Regeneration RFQ 2019/234
2019/20 Road Construction, Asphalt Materials and Service Program RFQ 2019/178
Scotland Island Wharf Upgrades (Design) RFQ 2018/283
Narrabeen & Attunga Projects RFQ 2019/235
North Narrabeen Reserve Baseball Fencing Upgrades RFQ 2019/172
Cromer Beacon Hill Bush Regeneration and Hazard Reduction RFQ 2019/199
Millers Reserve Synthetic Upgrade Concept and Detailed Design RFQ 2019/208
Services to Implement SAP EC Payroll & SAP Rostering Time & Attendance By Kronos RFQ 2019/206
Seaforth-Balgowlah Heights Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/166
Manly Scenic Walkway Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/186
Burnt Bridge Creek Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/187
Construction of Clontarf Reserve Seawall and Bleachers RFT 2019/279
Refurbishment & Extension of LM Reserve Sports Amenities RFT 2019/274
Careel Bay Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/230
Ingleside Chase Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/229
Narrabeen Elanora Bushland Restoration Project RFQ 2019/232
Intranet in a Box using Microsoft SharePoint Online Modern Sites RFT 2019/195
Mona Vale Beach Car Park K&G and Drainage Improvements, Mona Vale RFQ 2019/212
Sorlie Road Staircase Reconstruction RFQ 2019/089
Deep Creek Area Reserves Project and Deep Creek Burn Preparation Project RFQ 2019/189
Kerb and Gutter Renewal Program RFQ 2019/168
Lease, Licence and Fit Out of the Cafe at Little Manly Beach, Stuart Street, Manly RFT 2019/181
Coal and Candle Rural Fire Brigade Car Park and Drainage Improvements RFQ 2019/144
Major Works for Balgowlah Oval Amenities Design and Construction RFT 2019/192
Stormwater Relining Package 5 RFQ 2019/055
Manly to Seaforth Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan RFQ 2019/002
Nolan Reserve Amenities - Works Completion ALT 2019/149
Beacon Hill Community Centre - Works Completion ALT 2019/148
Security Services RFT 2019/110
Event Management Services Panel RFT 2019/130
Civil Infrastructure Works Panel - 2019 RFT 2019/003
Sports Field Renovation and Line Marking Panel RFT 2019/080
Design & Construction Services for Local Government Entry Markers RFT 2019/094
Collaroy to Narrabeen Beach Coastal Protection Works RFT 2019/004
Organisational Booking System RFT 2019/020
Lionel Watts Skate Park Design & Construct RFT 2019/008
North Narrabeen Ocean Rock Pool Central Boardwalk Replacement RFT 2019/073
Melwood Oval Public Amenities & Storage RFT 2019/024
Building Refurbishment Works & Fit Out at Manly Community Preschool & Youth Centre RFT 2019/014
Northern Beaches Employment Study RFT 2018/328
Supply and Implementation of Library Loans, Returns and Security Technology RFT 2019/005
Northern Beaches Social Infrastructure Study RFT 2018/326
Purchase of Children's Services Products RFT 2018/320
Services for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Services RFT 2018/126
Supply and Delivery of Small Loads Ready Mixed Concrete and Concrete Pump Hire RFT 2018/298
Services for the Operation of an Animal Pound RFT 2018/265
Supply of Services for a Unified Communications Solution RFT 2018/316
Lionel Watts Western Clubhouse Upgrade Design & Construction RFT 2018/295
Onsite Management Services Currawong Beach Cottages, Currawong State Park RFT 2018/275
Consultancy Services for Strategic Property Review RFT 2018/293
North Narrabeen Rockpool Amenities Upgrade RFT 2018/200
South Narrabeen SLSC Lift and Foyer Upgrade Works RFT 2018/220
Pacific Waves and Peninsula Carpark Lighting Upgrade - Installation RFT 2018/269
Whistler St Carpark Stage 1 Remediation RFT 2018/274
Replacement of Residential Waste Bins RFT 2018/062
Brookvale / Dee Why Transport Management & Accessibility Plan RFT 2018/266
Reactive Vegetation and Landscape Maintenance RFT 2018/230
Services for Graffiti Removal RFT 2018/217
South Steyne Stormwater Repair Construction RFT 2018/187
Commercial feasibility of providing reticulated water and wastewater services for Scotland Island RFT 2018/221
3 Boondah Road Demolition RFT 2018/195
Design Consultancy Services for Manly Community Preschool and Youth Centre RFT 2018/166
Narrabeen Lagoon Entrance Clearance (Sand Removal) Works RFT 2018/181
Major Works for Lionel Watts Playground RFT 2018/158
Sportsground Floodlighting Upgrade Design and Construct RFT 2018/156
Services Panel Provision of Wet and Dry Plant Hire RFT 2018/074
Synthetic Sports Field Maintenance RFT 2018/139
Supply & Maintenance Services of Pay & Display Parking Machines RFT 2018/039
Provision of Tree Maintenance Services RFT 2018/046
Provision of Testing, Monitoring and Maintaining Water Quality and Equipment for Water Features RFT 2018/125
Consultancy Services for Utility Account Validation, Payment and Tariff Optimisation RFT 2018/024
Lionel Watts Sports Field Design, Construction & Maintenance of Synthetic Playing Field RFT 2018/042
Nolan Reserve, North Harbour Reserve & Beacon Hill Community Centre RFT 2018/010
PV Cell Array Design and Installation RFT 2018/095
Narrabeen Lagoon Multi-Use Trail Stage 3 Overwater Boardwalk RFT 2018/036
Waste Collection Services RFT 2017/165
Internal Audit Services - 2018 RFT 2018/020
Consultancy Services for Northern Beaches Walkway Public Art Trail Strategic Plan RFT 2018/054
Provision of Under Boring Power and Water to Mona Vale Rock Pool RFT 2017/175
Streetscape Upgrades RFT 2018/034 & 2018/035
Major Works for Construction Services for North Narrabeen Reserve Sports Amenities Building RFT 2018/041
Collaroy Rock Pool Repair Works, Collaroy RFT 2018/047
Jacksons Road Warriewood Stormwater Culvert Replacement RFT 2018/007
Printing and Distribution of Rates Notices, Parking Permits and Ancillaries RFT 2018/018
Retaining Wall Construction Stage 2, The Esplanade, Narrabeen RFT 2017/145
Church Point Precinct Upgrades RFT 2018/002
Marine Parade Upgrade Works RFT 2018/014
Banking and Collections Services RFT 2018/013
Laundry Services to Sydney Lakeside Holiday Park RFT 2017/042
Seaforth Oval Irrigation System RFT 2017/013
GIPA Form - RFT 2017141 - Supply and Implementation of Library Management System RFT 2017/141
Major Works for Harbour View Children's Centre RFT 2017/182
Turf Wickets and Sports Field Maintenance RFT 2017/009
Narrabeen Beach Lifeguard Hut RFT 2017/069
Design Consultancy Services for Mona Vale SLSC Redevelopment RFT 2017/067
Provision of Services of Fire Protection Systems & Equipment RFT 2017/001
Terrey Hills Skate Park, Design & Construct RFT 2017/178
Design Consultancy Services for Connecting All Through Play RFT 2017/037
Collaroy Beach Amenities and Footpath Works, Collaroy RFT 2017/131
Sports Grounds Lighting Upgrade Design and Construct RFT 2017/140
Streetscape Upgrade Dee Why Pittwater Road West RFT 2017/151
Palm Beach Walkway RFT 2017/040
Irrigation Maintenance Services Panel RFT 2017/010
Design Consultancy Services for Long Reef SLSC Renewal RFT 2017/075
Collaroy Beach Seawall and Promenade Repair RFT 2017/073
Major Works for Whistler St and Central Avenue Upgrade RFT 2017/034
Parks and Reserves Mowing Services 2017/011
Lionell Watts Reserve - Sports Field Lighting Renewal Design and Construct RFT 2016/151
Bus Shelter Cleaning RFT 2016/080
South Curl Curl Seawall Works RTF 2016/011
Fishermans Beach Bank Stabilisation RFT 2016/010
Construction of Waltor Gors Park RFT 2016/001
Asphaltic Concrete Restoration, Asphaltic Concrete Heavy Patching and Concrete Restoration Works Panel RFT 2015/103
Construction Services for Glen Street Cultural Hub Stage 2 RFT 2015/092
Construction of Collaroy Accessibility Tourism Precinct Stage 2 RFT 2015/088
Natural Environment Services Panel - 2015 RFT 2015/073
Stormwater Maintenance Works Panel RFT 2015/072
Community and Child Care Centre Landscape Maintenance - 2015 RFT 2015/063
Mechanical Services for Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicles RFT 2015/053
Dee Why Stormwater Drainage Upgrade Works RFT 2015/052
Services for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning RFT 2014/063
Design and Construction at Melwood Oval Forestville NSW RFT 2014/065
Investment Advisory Services RFT 2014/023
Trade Services Panel - 2018 RFT 2014/009
Civil Infrastructure Works Panel - 2013 RFT 2013/107
Provision of Legal Services to Northern Beaches Council RFT 2017/127
Cricket practice nets RFT 2017/125
Retail Lease of the Narrabeen Tramshed Arts and Community Centre Cafe RFT 2017/116
Licence for Operation of Manly Arts & Craft Markets RFT 2017/082
Licence for Operation of North Narrabeen Reserve Markets RFT 2017/079
Design and Construction Cromer Park Field No.2 Synthetic Sportsfield RFT 2017/080