Policies have been adopted by Council to set out the general approach to all of our operations, activities and services.

You’ll find our full list of policies here - grouped under the Community Strategic Plan outcomes. There is a brief description of what each policy relates to and has a link providing more detail.

Protection of the Environment

Coastal Erosion Policy

This policy guides Northern Beaches Council’s approach to the protection of public and private property from coastal hazards identified in the certified Coastal Zone Management Plan for Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach and Fishermans Beach.

Water Management for Development Policy

This policy supports Councils commitment to protecting and enhancing the aquatic and terrestrial natural environment while ensuring protection of public and property across the Northern Beaches.

The application of these principles, and corresponding planning controls, will deliver effective integrated management of stormwater, rainwater, groundwater and wastewater

Environmental Sustainability

Asbestos Management Policy

To ensure the health, safety & wellbeing of the Northern Beaches community, staff and workers within the local government area with respect to asbestos containing material. This policy focuses on eliminating or minimising the exposure when working with asbestos (including storage, transport and disposal) in accordance with SafeWork NSW requirements. Adopted by Northern Beaches Council on 23 March 2020.

Community Gardens Policy

This policy outlines Council’s support for community gardens throughout the Northern Beaches. It aims to ensure a consistent, equitable and transparent approach to the planning, establishment, management and operation of community gardens.

Adopted by Northern Beaches Council on 23 June 2020.

Single Use Plastics

Council to take a leadership role in the elimination of Single Use Plastic, advocating for legislative change, and influencing and enabling responsible consumption practices.

Places for People

Affordable Housing Policy

The purpose of this policy is to outline Council’s position and approach to the provision of affordable housing in the Northern Beaches. 

Naming our Reserves, Roads and Facilities Policy

Northern Beaches Council aims to provide a consistent and transparent process for naming Council owned and managed reserves, facilities and roads.

This policy endorses Council’s adherence to the Geographical Names Board (GNB) Place Naming Policy and process for the naming of reserves, facilities and roads.

It aims to provide further guidance and criteria to apply the GNB Place Naming Policy when for assessing and approving naming requests from the community.

Smoke Free Policy

Community and Belonging

Child Safeguarding Policy

The Child Safeguarding Policy provides a set of overarching practices aligned to the Child Safe Standards that demonstrates Council’s commitment to child safety.

Adopted by Northern Beaches Council - 27 October 2020

Community Development & Services Policy

Adopted by Northern Beaches Council - 25 June 2019

Cultural Policy

Adopted by Northern Beaches Council - 25 February 2020

Moveable Heritage Management Policy

Adopted by Northern Beaches Council - 28 May 2019

Vibrant Local Economy

Outdoor Dining and Footpath Merchandise Policy

This policy aims to support a vibrant streetscape that is safe and welcoming, attracting tourists and locals to visit, enjoy and return. The appropriate placement and regulation of outdoor dining furniture and display of footpath merchandise that ensures safe and equitable access to the footpath can be achieved whilst supporting local businesses.

Waste Minimisation for Functions and Events Approved by Council

Council aims to promote best practice waste management through waste avoidance, resource recovery and sustainable procurement practices at all public events held in the Northern Beaches local government area. All public events and functions held on Council property and public open space must adhere to the Event Waste Management Guidelines.

Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity

Beach Parking Permits Policy

This policy relates to the allocation of annual Beach Parking Permits which allow free parking in designated Council operated Pay and Display reserve carparks.

Shared Transport Policy

To provide wide ranging Shared Transport systems that integrate effectively within the Northern Beaches Local Government Area (LGA) minimising disturbance and safety hazards to the public now or into the future.

Adopted 23 July 2019

Storage of Watercraft on Council Foreshores Policy

This policy is to enable the appropriate storage of watercraft on Council foreshores at the same time as maintaining safe public access and minimising environmental impact.

Good Governance

Asset Management Policy

This Policy sets guidelines for implementing consistent asset management processes to existing and new assets throughout the Northern Beaches Council. The application of these principles will ensure our assets continue to provide the appropriate level of service to meet the community’s needs and expectations in a sustainable manner.

Code of Conduct Policy

The Northern Beaches Council adopted the Northern Beaches Council Code of Conduct and the Procedures for the Administration of the Code of Conduct at the Ordinary Meeting of 28 May 2019. This code is prescribed by regulation and sets out the minimum requirements of conduct that must be observed by Council Officials including committee members, staff, delegates, contractors and consultants in carrying out their functions for Council.

Code of Meeting Practice

This code is prescribed by regulation and sets out the minimum requirements of conduct that must be observed by Council officials including committee members, staff, delegates, contractors and consultants in carrying out their functions for Council.

Councillor Expenses & Facilities Policy

Policy for payment and reimbursement of expenses incurred by, and the provision of facilities to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors.

Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy

Northern Beaches Council is committed to developing an induction and ongoing professional development program for the Mayor and Councillors to ensure they can fulfil their statutory roles and responsibilities.

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy

Northern Beaches Council is committed to maintaining trust and building advocacy with the community and stakeholders through a robust and vigilant fraud and corruption prevention approach.  This Policy and Plan outlines Council’s zero-tolerance position on any fraudulent or corrupt behaviour and establishes a framework to prevent fraud and corruption, proactively monitor, maintain and build awareness of its fraud and corruption prevention controls and strategies. 

Investment Policy

The objectives of this policy are to provide a framework for the investing of Council's funds at the most favourable return available to it at the time whilst having due consideration of risk and security for that investment type and ensuring that Council’s liquidity requirements are being met.

Legislative Compliance Policy

To provide assurance and build the capacity of Northern Beaches Council to meet its key compliance obligations, promote a compliance culture and uphold good corporate governance practices.

Pricing Policy

This policy details the guiding principles to determine a pricing basis allowing consistent pricing application across all Council services.

Partnership and Participation

Communications Policy

This policy provides an understanding of the different communication channels Northern Beaches Council use, their intended purpose and the roles and responsibilities of staff in accessing and using them to ensure all communications are well coordinated, effectively managed and responsive to the diverse information needs of the community.

Community Service Awards Policy

Council recognises that the community is enhanced through the endeavours of its residents and volunteers who work to improve the lives of others and make the Northern Beaches a better place to live.

Council’s Community Service Awards recognise the outstanding contributions by publicly acknowledging and thanking them in a spirit of community pride.