Video - Life Below Water - Dusky whaler shark

With their torpedo-shaped bodies, juvenile dusky whaler sharks can be seen in Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve.

Video - Life Below Water - Seagrass

Marine biologist Maddy Langley is a marine biologist describes why seagrass is important to Cabbage Tree Bay.

Video - Life Below Water - Corals

Underwater Photographer John Sear shares some fascinating information about new corals to Cabbage Tree Bay.

Spirit of Renewal Poetry Reading – Poetry Alive 2021

Revisit the poetry readings and special conversation with artist Salvatore Zofrea in this live recording from the session held on 31 October 2021.

To The Edges: 60 Years of Sydney Printmakers

This film takes you on a tour of the exhibition ‘To the Edges’, celebrating the 60 year milestone of Sydney Printmakers.

Video - Life Below Water - Crayweed

Maddy Langley, Marine Ecologist describes why crayweed is important for Cabbage Tree Bay

Video - Meet Steph, our Young Citizen of the Year

Steph was recognised as the Young Citizen of the Year for her amazing efforts in our Australia Day Awards this year.

Greg Weight: Portraits Project

This film explores the work of renowned photographer Greg Weight and the development of his photographic portraiture series ‘Portraits Project'

Peter Sharp: Accidental Tourist

This film reflects upon Peter Sharp's travels around regional and remote Australia and on the role these paintings play as his ‘toolkit’ for larger abstract works.

Video - Life Below Water - Rays

Sian Liddy, Marine Ecologist describes why Cabbage Tree Bay is important for Rays

Video - Life Below Water - Wobbegongs

Sian Liddy, Marine Ecologist describes why Cabbage Tree Bay is important for Wobbegongs

Video - Tourism businesses going green

Breweries, a caravan park and hospitality businesses are just some of the many in our business community who are doing amazing things to go green.