Thursday, 28 July 2022

If action is the foundational key to all success, then Council’s progress on Power Pledges augers well for a more sustainable Northern Beaches.

We are happy to report we have completed the first two pledges of and are half way through an ambitious Cities Power Partnership program that will improve sustainability in our local government area.

Northern Beaches Council has committed to implementing key actions as part of the national Cities Power Partnership (CPP) and is inviting local businesses and the community to join us in taking action against climate change.

The four core tenets of the national Cities Power Partnership program - which the Council joined in 2018 – are renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transport and work together & influence.

Four years later we are surging ahead with Power Pledges having completed two pledges and signing up for more. The Cities Power Partnership is about taking action at a grassroots level and getting businesses to save money and cut carbon emissions at the same time.

As part of the Climate Council’s CPP, Council has proudly completed two of its five commitments to act on climate change and will now adopt two new pledges to keep moving forward. Council has pledged to revise procurement policies and procedures to ensure suppliers align with Council’s sustainability goals, and to provide incentives and remove barriers to encourage local businesses to take up solar power and battery storage.

Council will support local businesses through the Sustainability Business Network to reduce emissions and costs by providing advice and information about installing solar power and batteries.

The CPP is a nationwide network that requires Council to select five pledges, and to report progress on these pledges through an annual survey.  Participation in the program offers councils access to expert knowledge, collaboration and shared learnings with other councils around the country and promotion on the CPP website and in the media.

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