Please note: Katandra Sanctuary is not administered by Council, but promoted here for the benefit of community members who are interested in volunteering at local parks and reserves.

The Katandra Sanctuary covers 11.3 hectares of land on the Ingleside / Warriewood escarpment. The site contains a broad diversity of native plant species that grow in communities based on topography, soil, aspect and microclimates. On the top of the escarpment at the western edge the plants are derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone. The northern area contains woodland species with patches of wet heathland.  Below the escarpment on the slopes and sheltered gullies there are tall open-forest species and along the creek lines there are moist closed-forest (rainforest) species. 

The Sanctuary is a Crown Reserve, administered by the Department of Infrastructure – Land & Water, and managed by the Katandra Bushland Sanctuary Trust. The Trust was established following a gift of land to the people of NSW by its then owner, Harold Seymour. Mr Seymour wished to establish a wildlife reserve for the promotion, study and preservation of native flora and fauna. He chose the name ‘Katandra’ meaning ‘song of birds’. The Sanctuary was dedicated on 27 October 1967.

Come along and enjoy the walking tracks through remnant rainforest with creeks and fern fringed pools. Bring your binoculars to see the birds close up.

Another way that you can enjoy the garden is to volunteer with weeding or welcoming visitors on open days. 

A list of plants visible from the walking tracks is available from the Katandra Bushland Sanctuary website link below as well as further details on the opening times, how to participate in volunteer gardening and contact details.

Access to Katandra Bushland Sanctuary is restricted to certain times during the year, generally Sundays during spring from 10am to 4pm when the wildflowers are most prolific.  Entry is via donation.

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20 Lane Cove Road

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