Dogs love to go for a walk and meet up with others. This enhances their quality of life and it’s good for their mental and physical health. It is important to walk your dog daily.   

Please place your dog on a leash, ensure he or she is under your control at all times and be mindful to pick up. Your dog is welcome to visit most public places with you or with another competent person.  There are some exemptions, so look out for signs or symbols that identify where dogs are not allowed. These are generally beaches, rock pools, water bodies, synthetic grass areas and wildlife protection areas. Dogs are not allowed within 10 metres of a playground or a BBQ / human food consumption area.

Find out more about looking after your dog and taking him/her out in the Companion Animals Act 1998.

Dog off-leash areas

Our area has 28 dog-off leash areas.   They are very diverse, and range from the shared use of a sportsground to fully a fenced dog park and foreshore reserves.

Dog off-leash areas provide a meeting place for dogs and their owners. Many dog owners and dogs have become great friends through regularly meeting with others at an off-leash area.

Apart from meeting human and fury friends, some dogs love going to the off-leash area to fetch a ball.  Energetic, well-muscled breeds can run and really stretch out at an off-leash area.  If your dog likes to swim, there are several scenic foreshore reserves where your dog can take a dip

Finding the right off-leash area

Our dog off-leash areas have everything you need, they all have open space for your dog to run freely, shade, seating, tap, a dispenser with waste bags and a bin.

Each off-leash area has its own ‘vibe’.  We suggest you visit a few areas and at different times, to find the best off-leash are for you and your dog. You can find out more about each off-leash area from the links below.

Please be mindful that not all dogs are suited to an off-leash area. Some can become overwhelmed by the other dogs and their activities. This can lead to fear or aggression. You can find out more from the RSPCA’s website, and/or you are welcome to contact one of Council’s Animal Management Officers.

Allambie Heights Oval dog area

Available for unleashed dogs from 12am to 7am daily. Dogs are not to use the oval when it is being used for sport or training.

Avalon Beach Reserve dog park

Located at the northern end of Avalon Beach Reserve, this fully fenced dog off-leash area is medium sized, with plenty of room for dogs to run freely.

Deep Creek Reserve dog area

Unleashed dogs permitted when conducting dog training sessions within the fenced areas.  At all other times dogs must be leashed.