Northern Beaches Council aims to provide a safe environment for members of the community during its events. It also aims to provide events that follow Council’s Waste Management Guidelines for the benefit of the environment.

By submitting your application you are also agreeing to comply with the terms and conditions of the event.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with Northern Beaches Council.

If you fail to comply with the following regulations you will be required to forfeit your stall allocation with no refund.

The Avalon Car Boot Sale is referred to in these terms and conditions as “the event”.

The sale and giveaways of balloons are prohibited at council managed events.

Terms and Conditions

Site Access

Access to the event site for stallholders and vehicles are strictly as follows to prevent the likelihood of a safety incident:

Access to set up your stall at the event will be between 7am and 7.45am

No vehicles will be allowed on the reserve after 7.45am.

No vehicles are permitted to access or leave the event site between 7.45am and 2.15pm.

Vehicles will be permitted on the reserve to enable stallholders to pack up from approximately 2.15pm. The actual time will be at the discretion of council staff so as to prevent the likelihood of a safety incident.

All vehicles are to have left the reserve by 3.30pm.

All vehicles are to enter and leave the event site from the north-western driveway access to Dunbar Park located off Bowling Green Lane, Avalon.

Hazard lights must be operating on your vehicle at all times when driving on the reserve.

Vehicles must not drive at more than 5km/h when on the reserve.

There are sprinkler heads on the Reserve which will be clearly marked. Please be mindful of this and drive your vehicle around them.

Stall Placement

Stall positions are allocated at the discretion of Council staff.

Northern Beaches Council reserves the right to refuse any stall application and to terminate a stallholder’s participation at any time.

Stall Size

Stalls available are for vehicles and stalls

Vehicle stalls are 3m (frontage) x 9m (length) in size.

Stall Operation

Stallholder bookings are only open to Northern Beaches residents. Businesses and Commercial traders are not the focus of this household event and items being sold need to be second hand.

All stallholders must be ready to trade by 7.45am.

No car access onto the site after 7.45am. Your car is to remain on site next to your stall and you will not be able to depart until 2.15pm.

Stallholders must trade until 2pm and must have vacated the event site by 3.30pm.

Stallholders must bring with them their own equipment. This can include folding tables, table coverings, chairs, signage, shade/rain structures such as marquees, umbrellas, sunscreen, hats etc.

If using a marquee, it must be secured with weights. .No staking allowed due to irrigation

All stallholders are responsible for cleaning up rubbish generated by the stall and making good any area they use for trading, including its vicinity. Even better; Take 3 extra pieces of litter when you leave!

This event is focusing on keeping waste out of landfill so any unsold goods and other rubbish from your stall is to be taken home with you and appropriately disposed or re-used/recycled where possible.

The event is a waste wise event so please reuse bags you may have at home.

Rubbish bins and recycling stations will be provided for use by visitor to the event.

No stall shall be set up in such a way to create a danger to any person.

All stallholders must trade from within their allocated stall and are not permitted to set up outside of their stall, to park vehicles, display products or signage or to hand out materials.

Stallholders must comply with the instruction of council employees and contractors regarding the location they are to occupy and use of their site.

Electricity power is not available at this event.

Stallholders are not permitted to operate generators at the event.

One BBQ food stall and one coffee van will operate at the event.

A number of public car parking spaces will be made available at the event for customers to collect any large/heavy items that have been purchased from a stall at the event. The collection point will be located along the western perimeter of Dunbar Park, within the public carpark off Bowling Green Lane, Avalon.

Extra Conditions

The following conditions must be adhered to as part of your acceptance as a stallholder

  • Electrical goods – Stallholders are to only provide electrical goods that have been tested by an electrician and display current Australia Standard tagging. Council will install a sign to at the event to advise that all goods are second hand and that buyers are to check the condition of goods prior to purchasing event
  • Children’s clothes - Stallholders are to provide that clothing is washed prior to the event. Council will install a sign at the event to advise buyers that all goods are second hand and washing is recommended prior to use
  • Children’s toys and play equipment - Stallholders are not to provide defective toys or play equipment at the event. Council will install a sign at the event to advise buyers that all goods are second hand and to check the condition of goods prior to purchasing
  • Live animal sales – Stallholders are not to sell any live animals at the event

Waste and the Environment

The event is a waste wise event so please reuse bags you may have at home.

Bins are provided onsite for members of the public only. All stallholders are required to remove their own rubbish off site.


Under no circumstances are you permitted to sub-lease your site.

Wet Weather and Event / Stallholder Cancellation

In the event of a major weather event or electrical storm, Council may declare the event to be cancelled. In this case your booking can be rolled over to an alternate boot sale date.

If the event is cancelled, you will be notified via the email address you provided on booking by 6.30am on the day of the event.

If you have booked a stallholder site and do not arrive at the event your booking fee will be forfeited.

No refunds will be provided to any stallholder who cancels after purchasing a ticket.


Payment is to be made at time of booking.

Bookings are not final until the car boot sale payment is received through the online booking system.

All stallholder sites need to be pre-booked. Access to unbooked sites will not be available on the day.

Public Liability Insurance

Northern Beaches Council will be obtaining public liability insurance for this event.

Workplace Health & Safety

All stallholders are expected to abide by all safety regulations and requirements to ensure that the event is a safe and WHS compliant event.

You are responsible for supervising all persons that operate your stall.

If emergency evacuation is required the designated evacuation point is located at the north-western corner of Dunbar Park, Avalon- located off Bowling Green Lane, Avalon.