School canteens play a powerful role in changing the direction of our future.

Working to reduce single-use plastic creates an environment where students can learn healthy ways to reduce our impact. With 83 schools on the Northern Beaches, we can make a real difference, protecting our local area from plastic pollution and reducing waste to landfill.

Our Swap for Good program can support your school canteen as you work towards eliminating single-use plastic.

School canteen action plans

It’s all in the planning.  Canteens receive tailored action plans that guide canteen managers/school staff through the steps needed for positive change. Contact us to receive action plans so you can get started

School Initiatives

Schools are swapping out single-use plastic and reducing waste in many ways. Be inspired to make changes at your school.

Sign up

Sign up to Swap for Good for action plans, resources and ongoing assistance to help your school canteen make the swap.  Fill out this quick survey or contact us and we'll help get you started!

Plastic-free school canteen webinar

Watch a recording of the webinar A plastic-free school canteen to find out how to how to switch out single-use plastic in your school canteen. Presenter, Sherene LaGasse from Foodnasties and Plasticnasties’ shares her knowledge and expertise to help canteens transition away from single-use plastic. Sherene has over eight years experience in this field and has developed an easy program to get schools started.

Download the text transcript

School community waste education

Council’s Waste Education Team can support your school community to reduce waste, increase recycling and educate students on the environmental and health issues surrounding waste. For more information, check out Councils school education programs

School canteen support program

We’re supporting a limited number with personalised support and a start-up pack of reusable food containers. Get in quick!