Did you know that reducing your business waste will save money, lower your carbon footprint and reduce litter for our beaches and bushland.

6 steps to success

Follow these 6 steps to success for your business and customers. 


Step 1. Do some background reading

Empower your change with our Success Stories and information on the NSW Plastic Bans.


Step 2. Go through your invoices and choose a goal

Grab your most recent packaging invoices to work out your potential savings and choose an achievable goal to reduce your single-use plastic. To set yourself up for success, you might like to start with a quick win and just tackle one packaging item at a time.


Step 3. Choose reusable alternatives

Use Council's resources for guidance on choosing a range of alternatives to trial and start using instead. It’s a good idea to have both a reusable option as best practice and a non-plastic disposable option for the transition phase. The Sustainable Procurement Guide lists alternative materials to help you get started.


Step 4. Get your staff on board

Use the Behaviour Change Guide to make a plan with your staff. What stories will you tell to inspire your staff and customers and align your actions to your values?


Step 5. Create an action plan

Download an action plan template and tailor it to your business. Then, implement your plan with your staff and customers.


Step 6. Share your story through marketing 

As you keep reducing single-use plastics, use the Marketing Guide to let the community know of your good work and celebrate!


Still have questions?

Connect to the Sustainable Business Network for peer-to-peer business community support.