Northern Beaches business and organisations are inspiring change. They are innovating and creating exciting models, leading the way for others.

Café owners tell us how they use ‘swap and go’ systems

Three local businesses share their tips and experiences with ‘swap and go’ coffee cup and container systems.


Contactless cafes

Whilst Covid-19 has been a challenge, cafes have adopted innovative ways to serve their customers and reduce waste.


Mug libraries

Here's a clever way to reduce single-use coffee cups - set up a mug library!


Waste-wise school carnival

Manly West School P&C tackled the school carnival's waste issue head on and reduced waste by 95%


Responsible Cafes taking action beyond the coffee cup

See the map of local cafés leading the way, inspiring positive change and reducing their footprint.


Using reusable cups and containers safely

Bring back your reusable cups to kick start your sustainable habits safely. Businesses are also starting to accept reusable containers...