Just complete this online form to register your Second Hand Saturday garage sale and have your garage sale advertised for free on our website. If you need to cancel, just email secondhandsaturday@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au before 12pm on the Thursday before your Second Hand Saturday and we’ll update the advertising.

Second Hand Saturday Registration

This form gives us permission to advertise your garage sale free of charge on the Council website. Please submit by 12pm on the Monday before your garage sale. We’ll only advertise garage sales held on the last Saturday before a pre-booked or scheduled household clean-up collection.

Terms and conditions

  1. Choose a suitable site within your property boundary. Items are not permitted on the footpath or kerbside.
  2. No dangerous goods, chemicals, faulty electrical items, firearms or rubbish.
  3. As your garage sale is held on the last Saturday before your pre-booked or scheduled household clean-up collection, you can place unsold items on the kerb or nature strip after your sale. You must make sure your waste items are eligible for collection. We don’t collect TVs or computers (E-Waste), pane glass and mirrors or car parts.
  4. Commercial properties, clubs, churches and schools are not eligible to register for Second Hand Saturday.


By participating in Second Hand Saturday, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions and that Northern Beaches Council has no liability to any person for loss of or damage to goods, or for injury to or death of persons, whether arising from negligence or otherwise, and in any way caused by or connected with Second Hand Saturday activities.


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We will advertise your address and date and time of sale (not your name) the week before your garage sale. We ask for your contact details in case we need to get in touch with you about your Garage Sale.

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