When disaster hits your business, what do you do? With the frequency and severity of natural disasters increasing in Australia, that’s something all businesses owners need to ask themselves. Whether it’s flood, fire or a cyber-attack, the  consequences can be devastating. Preparing for a disaster is simply good business. It could be the difference between your business being out of action for a few days or never reopening at all.

Know your risk 

Check the hazards map to see if your business is located in a bush fire, flood or coastal erosion risk area. 

All properties on the Northern Beaches are at risk from severe storms and heatwaves so it's important to plan for these events as well. Also consider ant other disruptions may affect your business such as utilities failure and cyber attack. 

Have a plan

Use the Get Ready Business Toolkit to prepare your emergency plan.

Discuss the plan with your staff so that everyone knows what needs to be done and by whom if a disaster strikes.

Get your business ready

There are some really practical and easy actions you can take now to prepare your business and plan for business continuity. 

The NSW SES also has an Emergency Business Continuity Plan to help you create your plans.

Be aware

If a disaster does strike, knowing where to look for up-to-date disaster information could help save you vital time. Connect with key information sources now to receive regular alerts



For further information, visit Get Ready Business.



Emergency management plan

Whether your business or building is small or large, you should have an emergency management plan in place. Here are...


Evacuate a building

Prepare a building evacuation plan, make everyone aware of it and rehearse on a regular basis