Are you ready? Being prepared can save lives and help you and your family make better decisions when disaster strikes.

Five simple steps

Follow these simple steps to start preparing your plan:

Know your risk

Think about the area you live in and the types of disasters that could affect you. Use the hazard map tool to understand what risks your property may be exposed to. 

Plan now for what you will do

After you've checked your risks, visit the Understanding our local threats and Resources webpages for a range of tools designed to help you prepare your plan.

Even if your property is not subject to any risks, having a plan is still important for when the unexpected happens.

Get ready

Be aware 

  • Tune into ABC Radio 702AM to listen to warnings and advice.  
  • Connect with Emergency Services to stay informed.

Look out for each other

Reach out to family, friends, neighbours and those who may need assistance, particularly those who are more vulnerable. 

Animals in emergencies

Planning is an important part of emergency household preparations and greatly increases the likelihood of evacuating your animals to safety.


Business emergency planning

Businesses that prepare and plan for emergencies help increase the safety of employees and their families.