Recovering from a disaster will be easier if you are prepared

Disaster recovery is a process of returning an affected community to its proper level of functioning after an emergency.

The transition to recovery can involve many personal considerations including but not limited to:

  • power
  • animals
  • clean-up
  • repairs
  • insurance
  • your wellbeing.

At a community level, recovery often involves:

  • the reconstruction of the physical infrastructure and
  • the restoration of emotional, social, economic and physical wellbeing.

Disaster Recovery Centres

Disaster Recovery Centres may be established following some disasters. These can provide a range of welfare services including financial assistance, personal support, organising temporary accommodation and providing information and referrals.

SES Recovery Guide

The NSW SES has prepared a Recovery Guide to assist you to take the next steps towards recovery following a disaster.

In NSW, recovery from major disasters is managed by a wide range of organisations including members of the State and Local Recovery Committees outlined in the NSW Recovery Plan

Disaster Assistance Schemes

There are also a number of Disaster Assistance Schemes that can help you get back on your feet following a disaster.

The NSW Government Disaster Assistance Guidelines also help inform the community, business, government, emergency services, councils, functional areas and those working in disaster recovery of the assistance available.

Further information

To help people recover, the NSW SES, NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) and Fire & Rescue NSW have Recovery Kits available on their websites and in hard copy.

Disaster Welfare Services - 1800 018 444

NSW SES Your next steps towards recovery from floods and storms