There are several burial and memorial options available at Mona Vale Cemetery and the fees vary depending on choice and location. 

Application forms will need to be completed for all services. The fees and charges associated with our services are detailed below.

If you’d like to reserve a burial or memorial site, contact Cemetery Administration. Note - graves are only available for immediate need at the present time.

If you are a funeral director please use the Burial Instructions and Booking Confirmation form.

Council also has a program to buy back unused graves at a set price. You may also sell the right to someone else, using the transfer application form.

View the Cemetery regulations for Mona Vale and Manly cemeteries.

If you need information please email Cemetery Services administration or call 9970 1341.

Mona Vale Cemetery Forms

Cemetery Burial Register - Update Personal Details

Change your details or transfer an interment right.  For transfer of interment rights, you will need to provide proof of your right to transfer if you are not the current registered holder.

Form # 4061

Erect or Alter a Monument or Headstone

Form # 4064

Order for Interment - Funeral Directors

Burial instructions and booking confirmation for Funeral Directors. For Manly and Mona Vale Cemeteries

Form # 4110

Placement of Ash Remains

For placement of ashes in memorial gardens, Columbaria or other memorials

Form # 4045

Placement of Ashes in Burial Site

For placement of ashes in a burial site

Form # 4063

Purchase Right Of Interment - Burial Sites or Memorials

Form # 4111

Removal of Ash Remains

Application to remove cremated ash remains from a burial site, garden memorial or columbarium wall position

Form # 4062

Transfer of Interment Right - Burial Sites or Memorials

Form # 4109