Burial Site Availability

Burial sites for in-ground burials are available for immediate use. Due to limited capacity, pre-need sites are currently not available.

Contact Cemetery Admin for more information. Northern Beaches Council observes state legislation limiting the sale of interment rights to two sites per person.  

Mona Vale Cemetery provides a beautiful setting for both burials and memorials. Mona Vale Cemetery is a full monumental cemetery, allowing monuments to be built to honour your family members. Mona Vale Cemetery offers a peaceful environment with extensive maintained gardens.


There are burial sites for in-ground burials for a number of denominations.

The burial sites are divided into Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church, Bahai, Baptist and Latter Day Saints denominations. Other faiths are also represented including our local Serbian Orthodox community and there is a non-sectarian or general area.  

Interment Rights

Interment Rights are available from Mona Vale Cemetery. An interment right allocates the right to use a plot of land in a cemetery to you. Although you own the right, the land owner is the State of New South Wales. Council is the appointed Trust Manager of the Cemetery Reserve Trust.

Your Obligations as an Interment Rights Holder

As an interment right holder, you are required to make an application to the Cemetery each time you plan to use the site. You need to maintain any monumental work on the site. You also need to advise cemetery administration when you change your name and/or address.

Buying an Interment Right

To purchase an interment right, contact Cemetery Administration. Your funeral director will coordinate the funeral arrangements for you   including the burial arrangements at the Cemetery.

When you purchase an interment right , a certificate will be issued. Keep your certificate with other legal documents relevant to your Estate.

How Long will my Interment Right Last?

Interment Rights are perpetual rights. This means there is no limit to the time you own the right. The right becomes part of your Estate when you pass away. Your executors must notify Council to whom the right should be transferred to.

What Size is the Burial Site?

Each burial site is 1.065m wide X 2.44m long and can accommodate two adults. An infant or small child can be interred in a site as a first burial.

The site can also house up to six containers of cremated ashes, depending on access to the site.  In some cases, a triple depth burial may be possible, subject to approval by the NSW Health Department. Contact Cemetery Admin for more information.


There are several options for memorialisation at Mona Vale Cemetery for family members and friends who for whatever reason, have not chosen burial. They may have been cremated, had their ashes scattered or dedicated their body to science. Sites for memorialisation have no religious affiliation.

Memorial Walls

There are two memorial walls at Mona Vale Cemetery. The Pittwater Memorial Wall and the SO Reynolds Memorial Wall. Bronze memorial plaques are placed on both walls to honour your loved family members and friends. 

Pittwater Memorial Wall

The Pittwater Memorial Wall is a solid granite wall with many niches for the placement of ashes as well as panels for commemoration without ashes.

Local artists, Roberta Landers and Alyson Bell were commissioned to create a series of decorative bronze panels for the wall depicting scenes from the Pittwater area and of our native flora and fauna.

SO Reynolds Memorial Wall

The S.O. Reynolds Memorial Wall started in 1974 and was named after Mr Sydney Owen Reynolds a former Councillor of Warringah.  Only a few panels are available for sale.

Memorial Gardens

Mona Vale Cemetery has several memorial gardens located in a peaceful and beautiful setting. There are a number of ashes gardens with a range of positions available in the eastern gardens.

The north east garden has a  native Australian bush theme and the south east garden has  a tropical garden theme.  The new Gumtree Grove gardens also have a native theme with polished granite memorials.

Cast bronze plaques are mounted on a single or double sandstone plinth. The ash remains are placed about 50 cm underground in the ash container provided by the family.

Family Rock Memorials

Family Rock Memorial sites are generally a solid piece of basalt or sandstone, located in one of the memorial or border gardens, subject to Council approval. .

Small rock memorials accommodate up to four ashes placements while up to six ashes placements apply to the large rock memorials.

Each rock includes a family name plate or crest mounted on the top of the stone. 

Bed Rock Memorial

A bedrock memorial is a man-made replica sandstone rock. The rocks come in two sizes to accommodate two or three ashes containers inside the rock, which is hollow.

A bronze name plate is mounted on the rock and there is a place for a photo cameo or emblem.

Cemetery Register

A register is available for those who have been cremated and had their ashes scattered. The register records the final resting place of your late family member or friend. 

Contact Cemetery Administration on 1300 434 434 for more information.

Remembrance Process Australia offers useful information to help you through the process.