Charge Ahead

Northern Beaches Council is running our 'Charge Ahead' program to take action on climate change. We are partnering with a number of key organisations to help us, and you, make the changes needed to love where you live. 

What can you do?  Take a look at the information below for ways you can reduce your electricity use, install solar panels or make other changes to lower your carbon footprint.

Simplifying Solar

Council is working with the community to help residents install solar.

Australian Energy Foundation

A free energy advice service to help you reduce your power bills without compromising on comfort; they can assist with quotes and vetted suppliers ...


SunSPoT is a great tool to help you calculate how much electricity and money a Solar PV system could save your home or business. 

Cities Power Partnership

Council joined the Climate Council’s Cities Power Partnership program in January 2018 to accelerate emission reduction and clean energy use.
Incentives Webtiles

Rebates and Incentives

Find out about government rebates and other financial support available to you.

Home Energy Efficiency

Find out how to make your home more energy efficient.

Solar Glossary and Useful Links

Glossary Inverter  An inverter is an essential component to a solar system, it changes the solar DC power into 230V, AC power so it’s suitable for...