Prescribed burns (hazard reduction burns)

A prescribed burn is controlled burning mostly done in the cooler months to reduce fuel build up and slow the path of a summer bush fire. Prescribed burns are conducted when weather and site conditions fall within a pre-determined range, also known as a prescription. 

Temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and rainfall are all considered – if it’s too hot, too windy or the bushland is too dry, it can create a high fire danger which means it could be unsafe to conduct the burn. If it’s too moist, the burn won’t be successful.

Prescribed burns are one of a number of tools used to reduce bush fire risk including clearing of asset protection zones adjacent to properties and regular fire trail maintenance.

Planned prescribed burns for 2022/23

Northern Beaches Council works with the Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC) to develop an annual prescribed burn program. Fire agencies including Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service then plan and carry out the strategic prescribed burns.

The burns listed below are those planned by Council and the BFMC that include Council land. Other burns may be planned by the BFMC, fire agencies and land managers but are only listed if they include Council bushland.

Proposed burns - pending weather conditions

Algona Reserve Algona Reserve, 9 Algona Street, Bilgola Plateau View0.5 Extreme Fire & Rescue NSWReady
Allenby Park WedgewoodAllenby Park, rear of Wedgewood Crescent, Beacon Hill View2.6ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Allenby Park WestAllenby Park, rear of Owen Stanley Avenue, Allambie Heights View10ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Anembo ReserveAnembo Reserve, Anembo Road, Duffys ForestView1.8ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Angophora – SFAZ 4Angophora Reserve, 93 Palmgrove Road, Avalon Beach View1.3ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Angophora  SFAZ 678Angophora Reserve, 93 Palmgrove Road, Avalon Beach View1.7Extreme Fire & Rescue NSW Ready
Anzac ReserveAnzac Reserve, Anzac Avenue, Collaroy View1.8Very HighFire & Rescue NSWReady
Attunga ReserveAttunga Reserve, 477 Barrenjoey Road, Bilgola BeachView0.25ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Bangalley HeadlandBangalley Headland Reserve, Whale Beach Road, 
Avalon Beach
View1.2HighFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Bantry Bay Road ReserveBantry Bay Road Reserve, Bantry Bay Road, Frenchs ForestView4.2ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Bilgola Escarpment - Hamilton and HewittHewit Park And Hamilton Reserve, 481-501 Barrenjoey Road, Bilgola Beach View0.4ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Bilgola Plateau Public School148A Plateau Road, Bilgola PlateauView0.3MediumFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Cootamundra Drive Manly DamManly Warringah War Memorial Park, rear of Churchill Crescent, 
Allambie Heights 
View16.9ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceReady
Deep Creek ReserveDeep Creek Reserve, Woorarra Avenue, North NarrabeenView5.9ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceBeing Prepared
Elizabeth Park NorthElizabeth Park, Thompson Street, Scotland IslandView0.3ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceReady 
Forestville ParkForestville Park, Currie Road, ForestvilleView4.8ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceReady
Forestville Sports FieldsForestville Playing Fields, Melwood Avenue, ForestvilleView1.1MediumFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Golden Grove ReserveGolden Grove, 53 Golden Grove, Beacon HillView2.5ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Government Road WestGovernment Road Reserve, Government Road, 
View0.8ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Governor Phillip ParkGovernor Phillip Lookout Reserve, Warringah Road, 
Beacon Hill
View1MediumFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Ingleside ChaseIngleside Chase Reserve, Ingleside Road, InglesideView5.8MediumNSW Rural Fire ServiceBeing Prepared
Kens Reserve NorthKens Road Reserve, Kens Road, Frenchs ForestView0.4MediumFire & Rescue NSWReady
Lincoln AvenueLincoln Avenue Reserve, Lincoln Avenue, CollaroyView0.4MediumFire & Rescue NSWReady
Londonderry DriveLondonderry Drive Reserve, Londonderry Drive, Killarney HeightsView7ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceReady
Jamieson Park - Veterans ParadeJamieson Park, The Esplanade, NarrabeenView0.7ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady 
Jamieson Park War VetsJamieson Park, The Esplanade, NarrabeenView1.1ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Manly Dam Wakehurst Golf CourseManly Warringah War Memorial Park, rear of Wakehurst Golf Course, Upper Clontarf Street, North BalgowlahView9.5ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceBeing Prepared
Manly Dam William CharltonManly Warringah War Memorial Park, rear of 181 Allambie Road, Allambie HeightsView3.4ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceBeing Prepared
McKay Reserve - BynyaMckay Reserve, McKay Road, Palm BeachView 0.2ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
North Bilgola HeadlandSouth Avalon / North Bilgola Headland, The Serpentine, Bilgola BeachView0.4ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
North Mona Vale HeadlandNorth Mona Vale Headland Reserve, Hillcrest Avenue, Mona ValeView0.5HighFire & Rescue NSWBeing Prepared
Pinduro Place ReservePinduro Place Reserve, Pinduro Place, CromerView0.3ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Stapleton Park (Park Ave)Stapleton Park, 11A Riviera Avenue, Avalon BeachView 0.4ExtremeFire & Rescue NSWReady
Wellings ReserveWellings Reserve, Gourlay Avenue, BalgowlahView0.1HighFire & Rescue NSWReady
Woodlands ReserveWoodlands Reserve, Waratah Street, Mona ValeView0.1HighFire & Rescue NSWReady
Beacon Hill RdBeacon Hill Road, Beacon HillView2.7Very HighFire & Rescue NSWOther Agency Proposal
Bona TrailBona Crescent, Morning BayView0.9ExtremeNSW National Parks & Wildlife Service Other Agency Proposal
Booralie RoadBetween Booralie Road and Joalah Road, Duffys ForestView7.5ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal
Kieran’s Creek Duffys ForestBetween Bibbenluke Avenue and Kinka Road, Duffys ForestView177ExtremeNSW National Parks & Wildlife ServiceOther Agency Proposal
Kimbriki Road SouthKimbriki Road, InglesideView1.3ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal
Mackerel Beach (south)Great Mackerel Beach Reserve, Monash Avenue, Great Mackerel BeachView5.3ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal
Spicer RdSpicer Road, Oxford FallsView10.7ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal
The Chase TrailThe Chase Fire Trail, Lovett BayView0.7ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal
Yanada / Joalah RdBetween Yanada Road and Joalah Road, Duffys ForestView8ExtremeNSW Rural Fire ServiceOther Agency Proposal


Completed burns 2022/23

Bangaroo St  Manly DamManly Warringah War Memorial Park, rear of Bangaroo Street, Allambie HeightsView13.5 Extreme NSW Rural Fire Service12/11/22
CasuarinaBetween Boree Road and Bridgeview Crescent, ForestvilleView33ExtremeNSW National Parks & Wildlife Service11/11/22
McKay Reserve - CyntheaMckay Reserve, McKay Road, Palm BeachView0.6ExtremeFire & Rescue NSW3/11/22
Slade's LookoutBooralie Road to Bibbenluke Avenue, Duffy’s ForestView175ExtremeNSW National Parks & Wildlife Service5/11/12
Sunrise ReserveSunrise Reserve, Sunrise Road, Palm BeachView0.2MediumFire & Rescue NSW24/11/22


Completed burns 2021 / 2022

  • Bushrangers Hill - Bungan Head Road, Newport - 17/02/22
  • Ronald Reserve - Ronald Avenue, Freshwater - 28/01/22
  • Lady Davidson Carroll Creek - Lady Davidson Circuit, Forestville - 27/10/21
  • Cicada Glen HR (Bayview Heights) - Mccarrs Creek Road, Church Point (NPWS/Council) - 9/10/21
  • Currawong Lodge - Currawong Beach - 10/09/21
  • Gwarra Reserve - Davidson Avenue, Forestville - 03/09/21
  • Madison Way Pipeline - Madison Way, Allambie Heights - 03/09/21
  • Kinka Reserve - Kinka Road, Terrey Hills - 23/08/21
  • Pathilda Reserve - Florence Terrace, Scotland Island - 22/08/21
  • Elizabeth Park - Thompson Street, Scotland Island - 22/08/21
  • Nyrang Road Manly Dam - Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 22/08/21
  • Chesterman Av SFAZ - Sir Thomas Mitchell Drive, Davidson (NPWS/Crown/Council) - 20/08/21
  • Bungoona Elanora Heights - Bungoona Ave, Elanora Heights (Private/Council) - 20/08/21
  • Sydney Conference Centre SFAZ 5 - Ingleside Road, Ingleside - 20/08/21
  • Stony Range APZ - Pittwater Road, Dee Why - 19/08/21
  • McKay SFAZ 10 - McKay Road, Palm Beach - 17/08/21
  • Slippery Dip HR - Wakehurst Parkway, Narrabeen (NPWS/Crown/Council/Private) - 13/08/21

Completed burns 2020 / 2021

  • Corymbia Circuit Wearden - Corymbia Circuit Reserve, Corymbia Circuit, Frenchs Forest - 01/05/21
  • Bates Creek -  Londonderry Drive Reserve, Londonderry Drive, Killarney Heights (NPWS/Council) - 26/04/21
  • Nandi - Nandi Reserve, Nandi Avenue, Frenchs Forest - 21/11/20
  • JJ Hills Kimbriki - J.J. Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve & Kimbriki Reserve, Kamber Road, Terrey Hills - 20/11/20
  • JJ Melbourne Hills LMZ 4 - J.J. Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve & Kimbriki Reserve, Kamber Road, Terrey Hills - 17/10/20
  • Elanora Conference Centre - Ingleside Chase Reserve, Ingleside Road, Ingleside - 15/10/20
  • Forestville Park SFAZ 3 - Forestville Park, Currie Road, Forestville - 11/10/20
  • Bantry Bay Road Ararat / Scout - Ararat Reserve, Grattan Crescent, Frenchs Forest - 10/10/20
  • Kirkwood St Bantry Bay Reserve - Bantry Reserve, Reserve Street, Seaforth - 10/10/20
  • Deep Creek Lumeah Ave - Deep Creek Reserve, Woorarra Avenue, North Narrabeen - 4/10/20
  • Catherine Park - Catherine Park, Robertson Road, Scotland Island - 27/9/20
  • Attunga Reserve - Attunga Reserve, Attunga Road, Newport - 17/9/20
  • Churchill Crescent - Manly Warringah War Memorial Park, Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 2/9/20
  • Southern Cross Way (knoll) - Manly Warringah War Memorial Park, Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 30/8/20
  • Terrey Hills Oval North and South - Terrey Hills Oval, Beltana Avenue, Terrey Hills - 30/8/20
  • Bareena Dr Tania Park Burn Area 2 - Tania Park, Bareena Drive, Balgowlah Heights - 27/8/20

Completed burns 2019 / 2020

  • Gumbooya Reserve - Gumbooya Street, Allambie Heights - 27/10/2019
  • Elizabeth Park - Thompson Street, Scotland Island - 25/08/2019
  • Manly Dam Martin Luther APZ - Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 18/08/2019
  • Wesley St (Ing Chase) - Ingleside Road, Ingleside - 26/07/2019

Completed burns 2018 / 2019

  • Manning Street - Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 01/06/2019
  • Washington Ave - Washington Avenue, Cromer - 31/05/2019
  • Turimetta Warriewood Headland HR - Narrabeen Park Parade, Warriewood - 15/05/2019
  • Angophora SFAZ 3 - Palmgrove Road, Avalon Beach - 23/08/2018
  • Willandra Village APZ - Willandra Road, Cromer - 22/08/2018
  • Little Head (Terraces) - Whale Beach Road, Palm Beach - 21/08/2018
  • Killarney Drive - Killarney Drive, Killarney Heights - 12/08/2018
  • Golden Grove HR - Golden Grove, Beacon Hill - 12/08/2018
  • McKay Road / Reserve - McKay Road, Palm Beach - 06/08/2018
  • Scalabrini Village - Roosevelt Avenue, Allambie Heights - 05/08/2018
  • Allambie Oval APZ - Allambie Road, Allambie Heights - 05/08/2018
  • Corymbia Cct APZ - Corymbia Circuit, Frenchs Forest - 04/08/2018
  • Seaview Estate - Forest Way, Belrose - 29/07/2018