We all love living so close to the Northern Beaches’ beautiful bushland, but it means we live with the potential risk of bushfire. Bushfires are essential for maintaining biodiversity and the ecological health of our natural environment. Council is committed to protecting lives, property and the environment.

Council’s role in bushfire management

Council undertakes manual fuel and hazard reduction burns with relevant fire authorities to reduce the risk from bushfire impact and to benefit the environment.

Mitigation of bushfire risks in prone areas is managed under the Northern Beaches Bush Fire Management Committee Hazard Reduction Program with the NSW Rural Fire Service and other agencies. It is reviewed annually to identify and assess hazard management for the area. Fire regime management plans are also in place for many of our bushland reserves.

Residents can contact Terrey Hills RFS on 9450 3000 or can log onto their website and raise a request and the RFS Community Safety Officer will complete a site visit and advise the resident and Council if works are required.

What you can do to protect your family and home

There’s nothing like being prepared and knowing what’s happening. Council and the NSW RFS recommend you have a Bush Fire Survival Plan to help reduce the risk to your family and home. The NSW RFS website has the latest information on hazard reduction burning, current bushfire alerts and bushfire survival planning or call 1800 679 737 for more information.

10/50 vegetation legislation

It is crucial our bushland and native trees are protected and retained on private properties in order to preserve our beautiful natural environment for the future.

Under 10/50 Legislation some clearing of vegetation is allowed if your property is mapped in the 10/50 entitlement area. However, you must fully comply with all required conditions for your property or penalties apply. 

Bush fire prone land mapping

Bush fire prone land is land that has been identified by Council which can support a bush fire or is subject to bush fire attack. Bush fire prone land maps that cover the Northern Beaches local government area are available for download below. These maps are prepared by Council and certified by the Commissioner of the NSW RFS.

Manly Certified Bush Fire Prone Land Map

Pittwater Certified Bush Fire Prone Land Map

Warringah Certified Bush Fire Prone Land Map

Council is currently updating bush fire prone land mapping. The new map has been on public exhibition and a report will be available soon.