Our spectacular ocean shoreline, from Manly to Barrenjoey, is exposed to natural erosion caused by tides, waves and wind. For those who live on the water’s edge, that natural process can become hazardous during storms. We do everything we can to keep our dynamic coastline safe and acting naturally before and after erosion.

What We Do To Reduce the Risk

Northern Beaches Council follows best practice to keep you and properties impacted by erosion safe. This includes controlling new developments that could be damaged during storms, maintaining the protective vegetation on sand dunes, constructing and maintaining properly designed seawalls, as well as undertaking beach scraping and nourishment.

Management of Coastal Erosion Hotspots

Northern Beaches Council has three beaches classified as coastal erosion ‘hotspots’ by the NSW Government. These are Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach, Bilgola Beach and Basin Beach at Mona Vale. For each of these beaches Coastal Zone Management Plans have been prepared that aim to preserve and protect these beaches as well as ensure development takes into account current and future hazards from coastal storms.

There are also Coastal Erosion Emergency Action Sub Plans in place for each of these beaches. These Sub Plans identify the risks and actions that can be taken before, during and after a coastal erosion emergency, and include relevant information for private property owners. 

What You Can Do

The Coastal StormSafe Guide, produced by the NSW State Emergency Service, outlines steps to protect your property in storms.  If you’re a builder, developer or resident planning changes to your property in the coastal zone refer to Council.  Follow building regulations, and cooperate with Council requests for works around your property to make it safer.