Over the years, the Manly Environment Centre (MEC) has been involved in a diverse range of projects to increase awareness and affect change. Projects have focused on sustainability, reducing pollution, protecting our native wildlife and endangered species and having a positive impact on vegetation and waterways.

Ocean Festival

This event is a fun, interactive and all-inclusive community week-long festival to raise awareness of the pressing environmental issues we face today. It offers information to empower people to take action and make lifestyle choices which will create positive outcomes for themselves, the wider community - locally and globally - and the environment. Festival events have included open air cinema, snorkel and kayak tours, beach clean ups, meditation, yoga, science projects and much more! Held end of November to early December. 


Manly is home to some of our adorable native animals but many are endangered. With the last breeding colony of Little Penguins in NSW and only 100 bandicoots on North Head, the MEC is proactive in protecting these species. Email us to volunteer on one of our animal monitoring programs.

Environmental conservation

Through research, analysis and lobbying the MEC has played a huge role in restoring and protecting places of importance. Projects undertaken at Cabbage Tree Bay, North Head and Manly Lagoon have been incredibly significant in regards to protecting native flora and fauna and returning waterways to a less polluted state.

Kids, companies and creeks

The MEC has partnered with many corporate businesses, government and non-government organisations as well as key stakeholder groups. Such a partnership exists between Blackmores, OzGREEN and the MEC. Kids, Companies and Creeks was established between these organisations and students to reduce pollution in our waterways.

Plastic bag free Manly

Be fantastic, say no to plastic is the MEC’s war cry to rid Manly of plastic bags. Plastic bags have a long lasting negative impact on the environment and pose a threat to Manly’s fragile ecosystem. Plastic Free Manly continues to grow with the help of other nongovernment organisations.

Sustainable living

The MEC is committed to sustainable living and attempting to lower a person’s carbon footprint through making lifestyle choices in areas such as energy consumption, transport and diet. Visit Hazell and Lakeside Houses on Sustainable House Day, both are excellent examples of buildings that have observed sustainability. Email us for details.