Prescribed burns (hazard reduction burns)

A prescribed burn is controlled burning done in the cooler months to reduce fuel build up and slow the path of a summer bushfire. It is conducted to a given prescription which is created when certain weather and site conditions fall within a set range.

Temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and rainfall are all considered – if it’s too hot, too windy or bushland too dry, it can create a high fire danger which means it would be unsafe to conduct the burn. If it’s too moist, the burn won’t be successful.

Prescribed burns are one of a number of tools used to reduce bushfire hazard including clearing of bushland adjacent to properties and regular fire trail maintenance.

Planned prescribed burns over the next 12 months

Northern Beaches Council works with Fire and Rescue NSW, the NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service to plan and carry out strategic prescribed burns.

An annual prescribed burn program is developed with the Bush Fire Management Committee (BFMC).

Proposal name



Bantry Bay Road ReserveFrenchs ForestPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Terrey Hills Oval North and SouthTerrey HillsPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Elanora Conference CentreInglesidePrepared (pending weather conditions)
Chesterman Cres - SFAZDavidsonPlanning (NPWS responsible)
Kierans CkDuffys ForestPlanning (NPWS responsible)
Deep Creek – Lumeah AveElanora HeightsPrepared (pending weather conditions
Beacon Hill RoadBeacon HillPlanning (RFS responsible)
Tania ParkSeaforthPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Lincoln AveCollaroyPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Mackerel Beach SouthMackerel BeachPrepared (pending weather conditions)
North Mona Vale HeadlandMona ValePrepared (pending weather conditions)
McKay – BynyaPalm BeachPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Sydney Conference CentreInglesidePrepared (pending weather conditions)
Churchill CrescentAllambie HeightsPrepared (pending weather conditions)
North Bilgola HeadlandBilgolaPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Bates CreekKillarney HeightsPlanning (NPWS responsible)
JJ HillsTerrey HillsPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Bilgola Plateau Public SchoolBilgolaPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Attunga ReserveNewportPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Bayview HeightsBayviewPlanning (NPWS responsible)
Allenby Park WedgewoodBeacon HillPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Allenby Park NorthBeacon HillPlanning
Ararat / ScoutFrenchs ForestPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Stony Range APZDee WhyPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Wiltshire ParkPalm BeachPrepared (pending weather conditions)
AngophoraAvalonPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Stapleton Park (Park Ave)AvalonPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Bilgola Escarpment Hamilton and HewittBilgolaPrepared (pending weather conditions)
NandiFrenchs ForestPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Allenby Park WestAllambie HeightsPrepared (pending weather conditions)
Anzac ReserveCollaroyPrepared (pending weather conditions)