It’s good to know how Council spends your money, what its code of conduct is and what the plans are for your suburb. In the section following you will find a list of documents available from Council. They include the Annual Report, budgets, an A-Z listing of forms, management reports, and Open Access Information.

Delivery, operational plan and annual budget

The Operational Plan addresses the full range of Council operations and details individual projects that will be undertaken over the...


Plans of Management

All community land is subject to a plan of management which determines how it can be used.


Policies and codes

Policies provide a focus for how we operate, our services, council activities and our plans for the future.


Strategies and plans

The backbone of our plans for the future, our strategies form action points to achieve our community’s long-term goals.



Our reports to our community show what we are achieving in terms of our projects, programs and performance.


Former Council publications

Northern Beaches Council began on 12 May 2016. Some of the former councils' records are kept here for your reference.


Digital library

Watch one of our amazing videos or webinar recordings.


Strategic Framework

Every NSW council is required to undertake long term planning. See how these framework documents work together to shape our...