We use a range of tools to measure how our places are operating.  Tools include public domain audits, pedestrian counts, and targeted engagement projects such as My Place: Northern Beaches. Once we determine how our places are operating, we identify pathways, partners and enhancements to deliver improvements and positive change.

Place Measurement

We undertake research to understand how our town and village centres are operating. When we know what’s working – and what isn’t – we can make positive change.

We utilise quantitative measures – such as pedestrian and vehicular counts, demographic data, business and vacancy data and public domain audits – to baseline and track public spaces.  Qualitative measures, such as stakeholder feedback and surveys are useful for indicating how our high streets are operating. 

We monitor our places to track change, and also to evaluate our placemaking initiatives. 

Northern Beaches Council in collaboration with PlaceScore surveyed our main centres.  The PlaceScore Community Insights Report provides a benchmark and a basis for tracking trends and change in our centres over time. We use the results as one tool in determining how we can improve our local centres.

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