Northern Beaches Council frequently receives requests from not-for-profit organisations to illuminate or project colours onto the façade of Manly Town Hall for the purpose of promoting a community message, cause, product, or service.

Council is committed to effectively managing these requests to meet community expectations while preserving the integrity of Manly Town Hall. To manage such requests, guidelines have been recently developed which will be used to assist staff in the consideration and approval of requests to illuminate the Manly Town Hall.

All requests to illuminate Manly Town Hall received from not-for-profit organisations are to be in writing and requests will be considered against the new guidelines.

The application process will be managed by the Place and Economic Development team who are available to discuss illumination requests with not-for profit organisations. Applications can be emailed directly to the Place team with final approval for illumination requests issued by the CEO.  Please note that no further applications will be accepted for 2023.

All approved requests are listed below and on the noticeboard located on the external wall of Manly Town Hall.

It is noted that requests for the illumination of Manly Town Hall may come from time to time from Government to promote special events or encourage tourism. These requests will be responded to positively while maintaining Council’s principles and guidelines.

Illumination Request Date 2023 Organisation / Charity / Business Illumination Colour
Tues, 7 Feb Feeding Tube Awareness Week Purple
Wed, 1 Mar & Thurs, 2 Mar Endometriosis Awareness Month Yellow
Sun, 19 Mar & Mon, 20 Mar Coeliac Awareness Week Bright Green
Fri, 24 Mar World Tuberculosis Day Red
Wed, 17 May World Neurofibromatosis Awareness Day Green & Blue
Fri, 19 May World IBD Day (Inflammatory bowel disease) Purple
Wed, 21 June Shades of Migraine Purple
Sat, 22 July World Fragile X Day Orange
Mon, 7 Aug National Eosinophilic Week Pink / Purple
Sat, 9 Sept International Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Awareness Day Red
Sun, 1 Oct Probus Day Yellow / Blue
Thurs, 5 Oct World Meningitis Day Purple
Thurs, 16 Nov World Sanfilippo Awareness Day Purple

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