Mountain biking can be dangerous. Please ensure you ride within your limits, look out for each other and use the right gear.

Rules and recommendations

Children under the age of 16 must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times and must wear a full face helmet and protective gear on all jump trails.  

For all riders, we recommend the following protective gear including: full face helmet; knee protection; elbow protection; and gloves.  Additional protective gear may be considered.  

Expert level trails, and the dirt jump area, will only be opened when a volunteer safety officer is present, and BOM weather observations indicate acceptable wind levels. 

Trails may be closed at any time due to weather conditions.  Even if a trail is not officially closed, it is each rider’s responsibility to assess current weather and trail conditions (in addition to their own level of competency) prior to attempting any trail feature.  

Riders should stay off wet trails at all times.  If in doubt, riders should stick to the pump track (which is suitable in all weather conditions).  

Video - Pro riders share safety tips for Bare Creek Bike Park

Text transcript

You can push your limits at Bare Creek bike park!

But doing it at the wrong time, and without the right gear, may very well result in a hospital visit.

Even for a pro, accidents happen, but having the right gear can help reduce the severity.

We recommend all riders wear:

  • Sturdy closed shoes
  • Sensible pants
  • Elbow guards
  • Gloves
  • And most importantly - wear a full-face helmet. These are mandatory for kids under 16 if they’re on the jump trails.

Protective eyewear, additional body armour, knee and shin guards are also a smart idea.

Let's take a look at your bike.

Make sure it’s appropriate for the course - Some bikes shouldn’t be used on the downhill trails. If you’ve brought the wrong wheels, stick to the pump track.

If you’re unsure whether your bike is up to the task, ask your local bike store and have it maintained regularly.

Before hitting the track, always check:

  • Are the tires at the right pressure?
  • Are the handlebars, wheels and cranks all tight?
  • Do the brakes work properly?
  • Does the headset need tightening?
  • If there’s suspension, is it working properly?

Now that you’re in the right gear and your bike is tuned, you’re ready to go!

Unless it rains…

Riding wet trails is not only dangerous, but it damages the trail surface and can ruin the jumps. If the trails are closed, stick the pump track.

Just like the rain, the wind is not your friend.

Wind can push you off course when your bike leaves the ground, causing serious accidents.

Keep an eye on the flags around the park to gauge wind levels and check with the volunteer safety officers for guidance.

Once the weather has cleared, you’re right to get back on the track. Just make sure you ride within your own limits.

Look out for your mates. If you see someone being pressured, say something. It’s hard to progress to bigger jumps when you’re on crutches.

Trying that big jump or new trick for the first time can be exciting, but if things go wrong, it's best to have a parent close by.

Speaking of parents, remember, the park isn’t a baby sitter. It’s expected that all riders under the age of 16 have a responsible adult present.

If there is an accident, stay calm and call Triple 0. The address is Bare Creek Bike Park, Crozier Road, Belrose.

Bare Creek is an amazing bike park right here on the Northern Beaches. Get out here and enjoy it and remember:

  • Wear the right safety gear
  • Maintain and regularly check your bike
  • Beware of the conditions on the day
  • Look out for your mates
  • and ride within your limits.

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